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A day in pictures (and some words)

Posted by joeabbott on May 8, 2018

I was going to use this post to talk about getting stronger … how I feel broken down all the time but I’m more capable and faster … but, it got depressing. So I hit restart and will just be sharing my past weekend … I’ll let the pics do most of the talking.

imageI got out with Ron and Tim … the picture along the right side bar is our journey from the bottom (Paradise) to the top (Camp Muir) and back. It started in a solid rain, got gloriously clear, then a whiteout, and by the time we got back to the car, we’d just spent 45 minutes in driving rain. It was that sorta day … come along!

Ron’s face isn’t melting … that’s just the rain. We’re barely out of the lot and you can see his Gore-Tex jacket is already showing signs of waterlogging.


Destination … that little spec waaay up there. You’ll likely need to look at the blow-up photo, figure out where that lines up in the first photo, and then try to spot the little square buildings marking Camp Muir. And, yes, they’re pretty hard to spot!


Aside from that, the slog was the same as the slog usually is … sloggy. I was fairing poorly after a strenuous Saturday and struggled under the 50# pack. As you can see, this was my view most of the way: dead last in our pack of 3 hikers!


But then things cleared and it’s GLORIOUS out there! I really love it. This is from somewhere just below Anvil Rock … you can find it on the map to the right.

DSCF1822 Stitch

But, before long, the clouds settled in, I started lagging, and we were back to slogging. But, as you can see in the last picture, we spotted the rectangular buildings of Camp Muir … we were there!


Evidence I made it … but, I felt a whole lot worse than I look!


On the far side of Camp Muir, the trail goes something like this (the green line) … but that will be a trip for another day.


But, the weather being what it was, it cleared a bit before going into total whiteout mode. Here we are saying farewell to Camp Muir and heading back to the cars … on the way down, I made a little better time than Tim and Ron as I was willing to glissade some of the steeper slopes.


And then Paradise was in sight. I’d never seen the parking lot so empty but happy for the one car there that I was looking for … the one containing my dry clothing and that would take me home. As much as it’s nice to get out, when you’ve been walking 10 hours under a heavy pack through driving rain and whiteout conditions, getting somewhere you can relax in comfort is priceless.


Thanks for tromping a long with me and I hope your days have less rain and now whiteouts!


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One of the greatest pics of all time? You decide

Posted by joeabbott on April 15, 2018

When I want to waste time I surf Reddit … it’s great. Because I only give myself minutes to waste, I typically stay on the “front page”, where those items that are significantly ”upvoted” show up … that is, where many people who subscribe to the site “like” it. And that’s where I see things like this … one of the greatest photos of all time:


It was submitted as part of a story entitled, In many North American areas in which wolves have been reintroduced, the resident coyotes are seeing them for the first time. I’m pretty sure those coyotes are remembering an urgent appointment across the valley’ they’d forgotten about, but look at that wolf!! Terrifying! I’m sure it’s just curious and looking on, but it appears to be 10 yards beyond the coyotes and it’s massive. The fur is bristly, the head lowered, and the eyes are almost glowing.

I believe wolves are pack hunters, but this fella looks like he could have a go at being a pack of one. Beautiful animal, beautiful picture.

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A pictorial look at a hike to Mystic Lake and back–Day 3

Posted by joeabbott on August 19, 2013

And so, as with all things, our time at the foot of The Mountain was to end. We’d toyed with hiking around today before heading out but we knew the road home would be long and so we woke up, ate breakfast, and started down the trail. But what a beautiful trail!



P8040105  P8040130  IMG_2178


Rainier Stitch


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A pictorial look at a hike to Mystic Lake and back–Day 2

Posted by joeabbott on August 16, 2013

This is our second day in pictures: a beautifully clear morning, a nice stroll to a lunch spot, enjoying seeing the day pass by, and then back to the tent for dinner and sleep. Hard to imagine a better way to wind down from a busy work life and just recharge.



P8030052 Stitch



P8030074 Stitch



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A pictorial look at a hike to Mystic Lake and back–Day 1

Posted by joeabbott on August 15, 2013

I like writing, perhaps more than I should. I don’t spend enough time honing my posts for them to be exceptionally good, but here is where I admit to writing mostly for myself. Which is good, as I’m the only real reader of this blog!

However, sometimes all the words get in the way of what could otherwise be a sharp, snappy post filled with pictures and short descriptions. Well, the last three posts were all about words, maps and stale descriptions of a recent hike I took to Mystic Lake on the north side of Mt. Rainier. Let’s make amends and show you a few things from those three days.



P8020020 StitchIMG_2129P8020034



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