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I stole a picture

Posted by joeabbott on May 5, 2018

Suzanne does a better job with her blog … less blah-blah-blah, more pic-pic-pic. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with what I’m doing, but I think her style is generally more approachable and digestible by people clicking through the internet on their way to other things. And so, I often visit her site. Sure I know what she’s up to, but in a Kurosawa-esque way, it’s always fun to see the same days through someone else’s eyes.

And so I saw this picture:


I was there when she took it and even peeked over her shoulder, but I love the shot. The simple flower in the foreground, the sly yet confident cat peering from behind the mossy bole of a tree. I like the casual formality of the path lined with large river stone, the frilly fern here and there, and the mulchy understory in between giving warmth in contrast to the cool grey background. Just a nice, balanced shot. The kind I always try … and typically fail … to achieve. Heck, even glancing back up at it now, I like the repetition of the upright plant stalks, the cat’s erect posture, and the lamp in the background, all echoing a similar form.

You can see the above pic and more out at A Walk in the Yard. Enjoy!


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Scenes from a busy life

Posted by joeabbott on September 26, 2015

Most of the time I post something here, I have a plan. Or at least a direction.  Today I sat down to write and thought about the various things I could share and decided today would be a grab bag of little things.

Projects in the shop

I’m building another table and that makes for a messy garage. I’m actually at a bit of a plateau: I made a few mistakes while I was distracted and decided I should stop for a bit. One mistake was cutting my mortise holes too big; I think it should be hidden, but I’m unhappy with the mistake nonetheless. The second issue was dropping a new plane on the floor. The plane body is ductile iron, so it’s a bit tolerant to that sort of mistake, but I’m certainly not as strong. Really bugged me.

Anyhow, as being in the shop is a big thing for me, I thought I’d share a few recent pics that normally don’t make my posts.


imageProjects in the backyard

Both Suzy and I love our chickens. Not the sentimental caring we’d give to our cats, but our hens add a lot to our lives. And yet they’re right bastards a lot of the time.

They’re never cruel or harmful to us, but chickens, amongst themselves, can be downright nasty on their worst days and mildly intolerant on their best. At least as we merge our flocks. But they’re most damaging to the flora that makes up their side of the yard!

Suzy has had to harden her gardening resolve as she tends to a side of the yard that’s being constantly abused by the chickens. They’re just being chickens, and yet, it’s hard to see happening. So, we have starting bringing rocks back into the yard to place around some of the best plants to keep the hens from digging at the base of plants and exposing the roots.

It’s not a terrible lot of work and yet managing this load caused me to tweak a knee that had been on the mend most of the summer.



State Fair

imageSuzy and I enjoy going to the Washington State Fair. It had previously been known as the Puyallup Fair (based on where it was held) but were finding too few entertainment acts wanted to attend a podunk “Puyallup” (pronounced pew-al-up) affair.

imageRegardless the name, we get in early and leave late. We tour all parts of the Fair, get tickets through a package that allows us access to special showings (this year was a Star Trek themed side show), and spend equal times amid 4H projects, animals of all types, and gawking the midway.

While we seldom ride the rides or fall for carnies calling from their booths, we enjoy watching people, eating “Fair food”, and spending time amid all the sights and sounds that is our Washington State Fair.

One of the fallacies I live under is that I’ll be able to eat myself from one side of the fairgrounds to the next. It may have been true in my younger days, but give me a scone and ear of corn and you’ll hear me saying, “let’s slow down on the food and go see the sheep” or something like that. I just can’t pack it in (fortunately!) like I used to.

It seems all parts of the Fair have a “favorite” for us. Even the “crafts building”, which holds endless cases of jams and quilts has a few highlights for us: a cooking stage usually has something interesting for Suzy to watch (and tasty for me as I join her) and there was a wood-turning demonstration this year that was enjoyable to see.

There’s something around every corner that makes our annual trip to the Fair a much looked-forward to event.



That’s it. I’m in my office during the week and the weekends come and go in a flash, but we enjoy the time we have. This weekend we have friends down for a gathering tonight and tomorrow I’ll be in the shop completing the construction on the table. I suspect you’re busy, too, so thanks for dropping in!

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