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Amazing Amazon

Posted by joeabbott on July 28, 2017

I normally don’t crow about retailers, especially one that doesn’t need my advertising, but over the past few weeks or so, I realize how much has become a part of my life. Also, where others may have had bad experiences with Amazon, I’ve never had a problem they haven’t resolved in my favor. Given that I just sorted through a half-dozen receipts in my inbox, I thought I’d spend a few minutes talking about my experiences.


My wife and I have a home network with a wireless printer located in her home office. At one time I was able to print to that printer without problem … or, with minimal problems. It’s never been plug-and-play, but I could print after a bit of futzing. Then, either going to CenturyLink for broadband internet or Win10 or changing our router or something else, but I suddenly stopped being able to print. I don’t print often, and only in black-and-white, but my new option was only to save a doc to the cloud and have her print for me, or use my Surface and fiddle around a bit, I needed a change.image

So I wanted my own printer but I’m pretty frugal so I wasn’t willing to spend much. Enter Amazon Prime Day.

I chuckle at Amazon Prime Day a bit as I had a friend call it “Grannie’s Panties Day” … his point being, “yeah they’re selling a lot of stuff but who wants it”. And, true that, Amazon seems to be cleaning out warehouse space or getting rid of stuff that doesn’t move quickly. But, they had a well-reviewed laser printer for about $50. I forget the exact price but when Suzy told me about it, we jumped … a bit of checking out online reviews, some comparing and contrasting, and I was sold. The only “hiccup” is that it didn’t come with the cable to attach it to the computer … and I put that in quotes because the selling information was super-clear about that. Nothing hidden.


Well, I was sure I had a USB cable when we ordered the printer so I wasn’t worried … but, when the printer showed up, I couldn’t find it. No worries, there are plenty of places that sell cables. Now I’m not an Amazon-only shopper but, after looking around online, I wasn’t able to find a better price on a 9’ cable … even from the manufacturers site who made the cable I ultimately got from Amazon. And, Amazon was the only place offering free shipping. Crazy! Given that I wasn’t in a big hurry, I even opted for the shipping “delay” in exchange for $5 off my next purchase. Nice.


AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (8-Pack) Pre-charged - Packaging May VaryAround our property we have a bunch of solar-powered lamps. A bunch. And, over time, they go bad … or, that batteries in them go bad and they just stop working. Well, we collected up all the lamps that weren’t working and had maybe 15 lamps in the garage. That seemed like too many to pitch or send to Goodwill or another donation center, so I spent an hour taking them apart, cleaning them up, and testing the batteries. In the end we had 7 of them that just weren’t going to work, even with fresh batteries, but the rest seemed OK.

After collecting and testing the batteries from all the systems, I still needed a few more AA rechargeables … and, just like with the AAA lithium batteries I’d ordered for my SPOT, Amazon came through with new ones for the lamps. And now our walkways are bright and cheery even at night.


One of the reasons you’re getting a long blog post is because I’m testing a new keyboard. I don’t like bright lights … I don’t turn on overhead lights in my office at work, nor at my home office. Occasionally I’ll pop on a desk lamp, but that’s infrequent. Unfortunately, even though I’m a touch-typist, I’ve been finding it hard to find the right hand-placement and keys while working in dim lights. Enter the LED lighted keyboard.

This one was a little more expensive but it had a few bells and whistles that I liked: variable colors, programmable keys, inverted T-shaped arrow keys, dedicated number pad, and stuff like that. When I’m at a desktop computer, I expect to have a fully functional keyboard … this had all the same features as my last keyboard but has those LED lights, too!!

Enter Amazon … but this time, This is the exact same company and stock as (including my orders, lists, and Prime standing) but a different URL entry point. And, a percentage of the money I spend made through the site goes to a charity of my choice … enjoy the extra money, Puget Sound Goat Rescue!


While I’m somewhat self-conscious about my consumer-minded habits … yes, this past month has seen a lot more purchases than usual … but I was also struck by how I think little to nothing about heading to the Amazon site (remember: and ordering what I need. Free shipping is now standard in my mind and when something isn’t on my doorstep within 2-days of placing the order, I’m now wondering “what happened”. Amazon has been a game-changer for how I live and what I expect.


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