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21 hours with Suzy–or, heading back to the beach

Posted by joeabbott on September 17, 2017

DSCF1511Last weekend I enjoyed my annual outing with some old friends and on a long hike; during that hike we visited the Olympic Nation Park on a beach hike (more on that later). On the way home, I came across a beach with so many unique and lovely stones, I gathered a Nalgene bottle full of them to show to Suzy.

As we looked over them at home, I asked if she would like to see the beach; she was game and so we had a date.DSCF1551

This part of the Olympic National Park is some 5-hours distant accessed via narrow, 2-lane highways; and then the hike to the coast is a short 3-mile affair, but to get to Yellow Banks (where I found the neat rocks), you need to put in another 2-3 miles of hiking. Unwinding that stack so you can sleep in your own bed that night means a 10-12 mile hike on top of 10 hours of driving: a tall but not insurmountable order.

And so we arose early on a Saturday, saw to our morning breakfasts, packed the car with the prepared foods and gear, and were off around 6:30AM. With only a brief stop in Port Angeles at the Ranger Station to confirm our tide information, we made it to the trailhead by 11:30AM and were marching to the beach shortly thereafter, hitting the sand just before 1PM.

DSCF15363DSCF1570From there we wandered a bit more lazily toward Yellow Banks, stopping for our sandwich lunch and pointing out various seamounts, detritus washed up on the shore, or poking at a pebble here and there. Once we hit Yellow Banks, we turned our attention to the stones on the beach and started the long, slow march north again, all the while picking up anything that looked interesting.

DSCF1583At about 4:30PM we assessed our situation: we had about 60” of rock … that’s over four stone in stone … and a neat piece of driftwood that caught our eyes. Additionally, the sun would start setting around 7:30PM and we had about 5 miles yet to hike. Given our pace of roughly 2 miles per hour, understanding we were both quite tired, and we were lugging a lot of weight, we immediately started for the car.

Like clockwork, we hit the trailhead about 7PM and had time to tidy up, pop our stuff into the car, and get a few miles under the tires before the sun set.

The ride home was uneventful but long. First, we headed back to Port Angeles and had a fast food dinner in our car. While we typically aren’t eating from a bag, it was nice to have  hot meal without waiting, not worry about feeling grubby, and to just be able to sit without moving for a bit. It wasn’t just nice, it was needed.

However, after asking our GPS to take us home, we found it had sent us to ferry heading back toward Seattle! By the time we got there, the last boat had sailed and so we were out of luck. We then asked us to get us home and I explicitly stated to not use that ferry … but, it sent us to another terminal! Yikes! We didn’t realize it at that time but when we did realize it, we were within 6-miles of the terminal so we continued on. Fortunately for us, the last boat was a bit late and so we got a short ride into the city. I mentioned to Suzy that I may have dozed just a bit as we sat in our car for the ride over, and she informed me that, yes, I was snoring nearly the whole trip! I guess I needed a little shut eye!

Once back in Seattle we drove a half hour to our home, left the car a mess to clean up the next day, showered, and hit the sheets. And putting my head down has seldom felt as good.

We’re not sure what we’ll do with all the rocks, they’re awfully pretty but best seen all together. We’re sure some project will present itself and, when it does, we’ll tackle it with the same energy we showed in getting them.


Thanks for reading.


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More Seattle adventures

Posted by joeabbott on August 2, 2017

Seems we enjoy a bit of glassblowing here in Seattle … and when you can share that with traveling family and friends: all the better!! Here’s a picture that has my mother flashing a “thumbs up” … proof positive we had a fantastic time!


In the pic: Natalie, Suzy, me, mom, Ashley and Jay. Karen was taking the picture and she did a great job!

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And another

Posted by joeabbott on August 2, 2017

In addition to enjoying Seattle Center, we passed through Pike Place Market! Here’s a shot of my brother Jay, mother, me, and nieces Natalie and Ashley. Oh yea … and Rachel the pig!


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Here’s a cute picture

Posted by joeabbott on August 2, 2017

A couple weeks back my mother along with my brother and his family came out for a visit. We had a grand time and among the many places we visited was the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exposition at the Seattle Center. It was a beautiful day amid beautiful works of art … with some beautiful people! Here’s a shot of my mother, niece Natalie, sister-in-law Karen, and niece Ashley. It’s hard to imagine a better group of folks to enjoy the afternoon with.


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Space Needle–a Seattle Brunch

Posted by joeabbott on July 9, 2017

Well, the Space Needle has been a Seattle institution since opening in 1962 and just as the restaurant up-top has always revolved, allowing for a changing view, the quality of food coming from the kitchens has likewise changed. I can’t speak for the early days, but when I got to town in 1989, dining at the ‘Needle had already taken on a form over substance sorta vibe … or, said more clearly, you went there to have dined at a revolving restaurant, not for the food.

I can happily say that’s no longer the case. It may have been excellent for a while, but my outing there yesterday confirms there’s still a lot of goodness coming out of the stoves and off the cooktops at the Space Needle restaurant: the Sky City.


My mother treated my younger brother and his family, along with Suzy and me, to a very fine brunch at the Sky City. I won’t try to detail all of the menu offerings, but will speak from firsthand experience about my meal!

Before our meal started, our prompt waitress brought out beverages of our choice and baskets of scones with a crusting of coarse sugar. The OJ I got tasted like oranges were squeezed right there in the kitchen and had someone told me they were picked from the tree just that morning, I wouldn’t have been surprised. Perhaps I’m jaded by the Tropicana juice we get from the local Safeway, but that was a good juice and the scones weren’t bad. Suzy retains her Scone Queen title in this area, but the Sky City bakers have nothing to be ashamed of.

I started the meal proper with a little something called a Malted Waffle, which was a quarter of a ~4” Belgian waffled covered with strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream that was so fresh it set a standard for the rest of the meal. The waffle was crisp, the berries flavorful, and it really left you wanting more … but I wasn’t left wanting for long! Very shortly my The Benny arrived.

The Benny is their version of an eggs Benedict that wasn’t the best I’d had (a little something I enjoyed in New Orleans retains that title) but I’d order it again in an instant. Proper poaching of the eggs, a Canadian bacon flavorful enough that I reluctantly shared a snipped with Suzy, and a hollandaise sauce that you could have stood a spoon up in if you’d have had a deep enough dish. Or had the restraint to keep from using the spoon to shovel that tastiness into your mouth! Altogether it was a dish worthy of being the second best I’ve had. Hardly notable but they served that with enough cubed potatoes that I had a hard time eating them all … but a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do. I ate ‘em!

I finished my meal with a rhubarb and strawberries cobbler that had a thick, crunchy topping and a nice, tart center. While I was starting to feel the burden of all the food that came before it, I polished off my dessert and thought it a fine way to finish a fine meal. All I was missing was a place to lay down to nap as I let it all settle.

So, that’s my review of the Sky City Brunch served atop the Space Needle. A revolving restaurant is no longer the novelty that will draw you to this restaurant; a delicious menu and excellent food can now be your lure!

I hope you can make it and enjoy as much as I did. Thanks for dropping in.

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For the “made me smile” folder

Posted by joeabbott on June 26, 2017

I was looking through my phone snaps and this one caught my eye. Found myself smiling as I remembered being in northern Minnesota with Suzy a few months back at Jay Cooke State Park just outside Duluth. I knew I had to post when I felt myself snapping back to my work mindset after a quick mental vacation.

Suzy at Jay Cooke State Park, Minnesota

Thanks for looking in.

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The many faces of Joe and Suz

Posted by joeabbott on February 18, 2017

A week or so back Suzy and I attended our niece’s wedding in the outskirts of Vancouver; a very fine affair, attended by a now-common photo-guy and his booth. We availed ourselves to the fun and have this to show for it:


Yup, Christine and Cody married, and Suzy and I had a little fun. It was a very fine event made all the better by the excellent company we shared the evening with.

Thanks for dropping in.

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North Carolina–a slice of the South

Posted by joeabbott on August 7, 2016

My small family is in the habit of getting together with assorted in-laws and cousins every three years or so in different places. Colorado, Northern Minnesota, and Michigan are all places we’ve held these mini-reunions and this year the 20-or-so of us met in North Carolina at Atlantic Beach (Emerald Isle). While Suzy and I wanted to spend a LOT of time in North Carolina (as neither of us had been there), demands at home, logistics of being on the Isle, and enjoying time with family made the trip shorter and the extent of our wanderings less extensive than we would have liked; we saw far less of this wonderful place.

But, here’s a day-by-day account of our time on the Nation’s “other” coast.

Monday – getting in

On Monday we flew out from Seattle … no pictures today as the six-hour flight, three-hour time zone change, and another three-hour drive to the Emerald Isle all did their part in eating up the day. I had hoped North Carolina would have a “Maine flavor” and be a string of tiny towns and interesting sights along the drive, but was surprised when our first hour out of the Raleigh airport was greeted by pavement, trees, and little else. And that’s it.

Don’t get me wrong … I love a good stand of trees but we have plenty of these in the Pacific Northwest! We’d seen so little in the way of “sights” that upon coming on a “Bojangles” restaurant, we stopped in. While I was interested in the advertised “chicken and biscuits”, I was disappointed by the fact that, for all intents and purposes, it’s a KFC. Just another fast food chicken restaurant. It wasn’t bad … and as we were hungry, it was very good … but I was hoping for something more than a fast food stop. Given how many Bojangles are in NC and how we’d never heard of them before, we were happy to have stopped, just wished our first meal was a bit more authentic in terms of NC food.

Upon getting to the condo we were staying at with my sister and her family, we caught up and then headed out for a late night stroll on the beach. And this is something North Carolina does very well: the beaches were amazing. Great sand, that wonderful rolling surf sound, and miles and miles of it. Just wonderful. But that was the day.

Tuesday – Kitty Hawk

2016-07-26 10.39.31As a degree-holding aerospace engineer, I couldn’t pass up the chance to see Kitty Hawk and yet, it was a three-hour drive from the condo. While many families had shared an interest, the long drive dissuaded all but my sister and her family, so we piled into our rental and headed north!

2016-07-26 13.49.36On the way, I tried a boiled peanut and found dry roasted is more my thing, as a boiled nut, it has the texture of a bean or firm pea and just not what I associate with being a “peanut”. The proprietor of the shop took my opinion in stride and happily sold me a couple containers of roasted peanuts: one pepper-and-salt, one sugar-coated.

Kitty Hawk, from the tourist “where did the Wright Brothers fly” standpoint, is a pretty simple affair: a main exhibit building complete with a Wright flyer replica, the small “airstrip” used in their initial flights (complete with stone pillars denoting flights taken on the birthday of flight: 12/17/1903), and a massive tower commemorating the brothers on a nearby Kill Devil Hill.

I think I was looking to be moved by the birthplace of flight and managed to generate some of those feelings: the walls of the main building are lined with portraits of those who furthered the science of flight … most whom I recognized and “knew”, interactive models and displays describing the physics of flight … all the stuff of my early college studies, and context of the story of putting it all together were impactful. Only sixty-five years separated the first flight from the Apollo astronauts landing on the moon and seeing it all starting with a kludgy canvas and wooden “aircraft” and a lot of guts and vision … well, profoundly impressive.


But, we walked the exhibits, strolled the airstrip and markers denoting the four flights, and climbed Kill Devil Hill to walk around the Wright memorial. And yet, at 95°F and +80% humidity, it was hard to be out long. My wife reddened, I sweated buckets, and we made our way to the gift shop LONG before my interest in being at Kitty Hawk had waned.

WP_20160726_13_54_37_Pro2016-07-26 13.36.06WP_20160726_12_54_34_Pro

We then drove a short ways north to Duck, NC, and found Duck Donuts. Before sampling their wares, we ate at the BBQ place next door (my quest for some perfect southern BBQ) and I found the brisket to be a lot sweeter and tangier than I was used to. It was my first of many BBQ meals and while the regional style is distinct, I prefer the smoky tang of a Texas BBQ, thank you.

The Duck Donut shop, however, is a real treat. When we stepped in, they fired up the donut press and started pumping out our donuts! Yup, the ones we’d be taking home. All their donuts are a cake-type batter but what makes it unique is the just-made donut and the toppings. I ordered a vanilla glaze with Oreo crumbles and a glaze with salted caramel; Suzy got a couple chocolate treats. While eating a warm donut is absolutely marvelous, I couldn’t possible eat two and ended up enjoying one of my donuts then next day. Not the recommended way to eat a Duck Donut but it worked for me.

After this, just a long ride home and a family gathering on the beach for a late night stroll and search for the elusive “ghost crabs”.

Wednesday – New Bern

2016-07-27 11.15.07-12016-07-27 10.42.31I’ll speed up the trip here … not because the locales, people, and activity don’t merit the space, but my posts are already over-long.

A few of us were interested in the birthplace of Pepsi cola and with New Bern just off the Atlantic strip, it was a quick trip. And I’m happy we went. The drug store that birthed Pepsi was charming and the current proprietors congenial… and the Pepsi float was very fine … but the charm of New Bern sold me. Overall it had the quality of a well-kept historical town with lots of character. It looked like a southern town.

Beside the stop at the Pepsi shop, we toured the gardens around the Tryon Palace (very fine … especially our time chatting with the in-character blacksmiths), walked the battlefield of New Bern, and (as best we could) avoided sunstroke.

2016-07-27 10.03.20

For lunch we stopped at Moore’s Barbeque and I enjoyed sweet and tangy ribs. While the sauce wasn’t completely to my liking, the ribs were smoked to perfection.

That night my niece played host to a family gathering at the condo she was staying in and we all contributed to a potluck. Having planned ahead, Suzy and I brought about 30 different Seattle Chocolate candy bars of all different flavors, broke them into squares, and everyone sampled and compared the varieties.

Thursday – Maritime Museum

Today the various families split up, some opting to see wild horses, take sea cruise tours, or … like we did with my sister … head to the North Carolina Maritime Museum. They were happily in the middle of a Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge show so, in addition to history and culture on how the Atlantic and the various ports played for this area, we got in some pirate stories! And to hear about the excavation of Blackbeard’s ship (Queen Anne’s Revenge) that was currently in process just a mile or so off the coast.

Lunch couldn’t have been easier than a trip to Finz, across the street where we bumped into my mother, brother, and his family! The meal was good as I heartily enjoyed my first shrimp burger but I have to opine that you owe yourself a trip to Seattle for a better cup of chowder; Finz did well, but we’ve perfected the recipe in the Puget Sound region, IMO.

We then walked the town and continued enduring the mid-90° temps and abusive humidity but it finally was too much and, upon returning to the condo, I took a nap. The heat, bustle, and time zone change all took their toll.

That night we gathered at Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar and Grill … not because we believed North Carolina had the best south-of-the-border meals, but because they could seat 21 people. That said, it was very fine and our waiters were prompt and attentive.

Friday – Aquarium

Our last full day saw a wonderful trip to the North Carolina Aquarium … a place that we spent a lot of time at and could have spent more. It was clean, the exhibits in working order, and aside from a couple of uncharacteristically lazy otters, there were plenty of animals doing their things. I even saw an egret dismember and eat a fiddler crab on the Bogue Sound! Not your everyday aquarium sight.


WP_20160729_13_36_44_ProLunch was Crab Shack fare while I tried another sampling of shrimp burger … and shouldn’t have. Not bad, just not as great as the day prior and it took the edge off the “wow, what a treat!” experience the first time I enjoyed one.

Afterward we had enough time for a short visit to Fort Macon and really enjoyed it. So much so, we came back the next day before departing for our flight out! The main tour building contained informative and interesting displays, the fort had been meticulously restored, and we enjoyed a musket-firing demonstration that, if not memorable for the instruction, it was memorable from my ears still ringing from that shot! Hoo boy is that loud … and that was just one musket.

That night we gathered at my cousin’s condo for pizza (thanks, mom!), snacks, and lots of conversation. One of the other nights we had brought some store-bought cookies that went over well enough that we did it again … to the same effect.

Saturday – coming home

2016-07-30 11.04.11What can be said … it was a homecoming. The quick tour of Fort Macon bled into a rush trip to the aquarium to exchange a too-small souvenir shirt, and then the long, uneventful drive over pavement and through trees to Raleigh. Monday rush hour traffic wasn’t bad and we found our rental car drop off spot quickly. The flight home wasn’t as quick and, upon getting up after landing I remarked to Suzanne that there were small children in seats both rows ahead, behind, and across the aisle from us … a fact that she said she was very aware of even without me pointing it out, thank you very much. Yeah, I guess it had been a screamy, fussy, jibbery sort of flight.

But we were home. No ocean crashing but the temps were in the lower 70s, the humidity around 30%, all the whiskers and beaks were healthy and well … it was good to be home.


Thanks for dropping by and taking interest in the trip. While the weather wasn’t exactly what I’d have ordered, but the beaches were fabulous, the people warm and welcoming, and that sweet and tangy BBQ really says you’re in North Carolina. I strongly recommend you drop by when you get the chance.

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Vacationing and pets

Posted by joeabbott on August 5, 2016

Have you ever had a BUNCH of time and expected to be able to do a certain something in that time but it doesn’t seem to pan out? Such has been the last couple weeks where I’ve been on vacation (yup, a real vacation … just time off doing nothing) but I haven’t written a single post! What’s that all about?!?

Well, it’s about packing the day with being out and about, with much physical toil or completely recuperating. But, even when having a “do nothing” day, like yesterday, I squeeze in a little something … again, like yesterday when Suzy and I picked up and spread a yard of crushed rock around the plateau. Yup, that was a “do nothing” day for us. But, writing has taken the backseat.

With two weeks off, we split the vacation into two parts: time in North Carolina for a family reunion of sorts, and doing work on the property. I’ll try to post something on those topics later but will use this post to show off a bit of our house-sitter.

While we’re away, we have our nephew, David, stay at our home. He tends to the cats, ensures our chickens are fed and the eggs collected, and generally is around to make sure things stay on the rails. Because, as our home is starting to get up there in age, minor things will happen. In the last couple stays he’s had particular trouble with water issues: a toilet flapper inexplicably failed one stay and a plastic splitter on the hose of our irrigation system gave away another time. Minor issues, to be sure, but we’re happy to have someone on site to attend to them.

And, every day he’s staying at our home, he’ll send photos of the cats and chickens to help us with our separation anxieties from our pets. Here are the pictures he took this last trip.

Day 1

On the first day, our cats seem to have opted to stay indoors. Not uncommon for cats to exhibit somewhat unusual behavior when big changes happen … like Suzy and me being gone … but it’s also not uncommon for our cats, who see a lot of monitored outdoor time, to enjoy afternoons upstairs looking out the windows or just napping.

Trimble Day 1image3image1


As Trasper wasn’t feeling well when we left (a pretty big concern for us), it was distressing to see him inside on Day 2 while Trimble was clearly enjoying some outside time. While it was good to see the cats, we were starting to wonder if leaving Trasper was the right call.


Day 3

This is more like it. While Trasper’s picture is hard to understand what’s going on, he’s under his ferns and rolling on his back. Now that’s’ the Trasper we know! And Trimble taking an afternoon nap on my side of the bed … classic Trimble.


Day 4

Another outdoor shot of both of the cats; yup, they’re getting into the swing of being pet-sat.



If you can swing having a pet sitter at your home when you vacation, it’s worth considering and, if you do, have them send you pics … they’re great to get and see. I like the various photo styles David used … some close-ups, some distance shots … and always appreciate seeing our cats enjoy their days. The chickens … well, with 13, there are too many to hope to see in any one picture (however, I suspect David didn’t try enticing them to come to him with treats). So, the candid pictures of the odd bird or birds is fine. I don’t worry about them like I do the cats.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have found your way to stay in touch with your pets while you travel!

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Of larks and hearts

Posted by joeabbott on February 15, 2016

Well, this past weekend has been something of a tiny gift for Suzy and me: for the first time, my company is giving its employees Presidents Day off; and on a whim I took the prior Friday off, too. Here’s how Suzy and I put to use our long weekend … including St. Valentine’s Day!


It was a chill and rainy day … so we took my truck!

A long while ago Suzy and I drove through Lynden, Washington on our way back from Whistler, BC and were charmed by a few of the quaint amenities; enough-so that we decided to drive the ~120 or so miles (one way) up there for a late breakfast. Yeah, let’s just say gas prices are down, our interest in a road trip was up, and we enjoy each others’ company. So off we went.

We prepped by bringing three “books on CD” but only cracked one of them (a Twilight Zone audio-play that was only so-so). The road up was mainly along I-5 until we hit Bellingham and then we headed through cow pastures and rural back roads. Lynden is off Hwy 539, which offers a back road crossing into Canada and can sometimes be less busy than the Peace Arch crossing if you head up I-5. But, as Hwy 539 is referred to as the “truck crossing” the roads are in good shape and well-traveled … enough so you’re not lonely but not so much you feel squeezed off by semis.

The town of Lynden is just a couple square blocks of businesses: a goodly share of bakeries, a few restaurants, some antique shops, and a surprising upbeat feel to it. The streets are clean, there are very few boarded up buildings, and most of the shops have a new/modern feel to them.


We started by heading to the Dutch Mothers Family restaurant where we each got a Pannekoeken about the size of small pizza. While they were thin and had the most deliciously crisp edges, we ended up with take-home boxes knowing that the long drive home would mean they’d be chicken food by the time we got in. It’s a sad way to treat a delicious Pannekoeken!

After the meal we walked the blocks, stopping in where we wanted, and continuing along under leaden skies … but ever thankful that it’d stopped raining.

Before leaving the town we had a few tasty bakery goods with us, had stopped into a bookseller (and while tempted, we restrained), and told ourselves that we’d be back again as we’d really liked the feel of the town. It was a nice day.


Saturday was another road trip outing: the Bloedel Reserve.

Built in the mid-1900s by a former Seattle governor, the mansion and grounds were bought by Prentice Bloedel as a retirement home where he could study gardens and invest in his own. He expanded the grounds to include some 150 acres and a huge variety of various garden locations.


Our trip started with Suzy and I looking at one another shortly after 8AM, agreeing we’d try to catch the 8:45AM ferry, and hustling buns out to Seattle to get our ride to Bainbridge Island. Good luck was on our side as we threaded morning traffic, navigated the revamping of the Seattle waterfront, and pulled into the waiting line some 5 minutes before the ferry set sail.

The ride over was short and, upon hitting the island we pulled into a parking spot and walked to the Streamliner Diner for a lovely breakfast. I enjoyed the eggs Benedict and Suzy got French toast … made with a croissant!!! The busy little diner did a commendable job and, in spite of my taut belly, I asked for one of their simple flour rolls … which was as delicious as it looked!

Again, we walked the streets and visited a bakery before hopping back into the car and driving the 6-miles to the Bloedel Reserve for our Cupid’s Walk Tour … the special promotion that brought us out. It was billed as “14 of the most picturesque places to kiss in the Seattle area”. And, my, did it live up to that.

The trails weren’t deserted but with enough intimacy to avoid feeling rushed, the attendant at the Visitor Center spent a goodly amount of time answering our questions, and the trails were magnificently groomed for our short-2-mile stroll. It was obvious the 14-fulltime gardeners are busy and conscientious.

After the tour we drove unhurriedly back home and tinkered around the rest of the day: we watched last week’s episode of the X-Files (Season 10) and then I finished my second run-through of Dark Souls. Sounds like the perfect setup to St. Valentine’s Day, no?


Years ago, when we first brought Spencer into our lives, we took him on a walk through Flaming Geyser State Park. Now, if you think it’s not normal to take a cat on a walk through a State Park, you’re right … but you also didn’t know Spencer. He was game for anything, had no fear, and at 16-pounds, could hold up to strolling about on a harness and lead as if it were normal. He was a great cat.

But, Suzy and I planned to return to park.

Before getting to the Park, we dropped by Legendary Doughnuts and I entered asking for their heart-shaped doughnuts … and, to my surprise, they had some! We did pick up a couple heart-shaped buttermilk doughnuts (they freeze well and will be a treat later), we got a little something for after our hike and headed out to Auburn.

The Flaming Geyser has seen better days … now it appears as a simple tube coming up through a concrete footing … but the whiff of methane was obvious when you walked near it. But we opted for a stroll along the raging Green River, a trek through the moss-laden trees, and viewing the many plaques and signs around the large park. It was part history, part awe at the rain-swollen river, and a very nice bit of exercise without so much as a sprinkle hitting us.


But, after an hour and then some of walking about, we returned to the car to enjoy our pastry as we listened to the river rush by and then made our way back home. Back roads were the order of the day to fit our mood and we arrived home with enough time for a few other projects: like me starting the drawer to the bookshelf I’m building (more on that later) and for the two of us to watch Avatar. Yup, the 2009 James Cameron movie … neither of us had seen it before so it rounded out the day nicely.


And that’s it. Today we’ll stay home after our road wandering and enjoy a quiet day of rest.

Happy Presidents’ Day to you all!

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