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Quick shots from the last couple days

Posted by joeabbott on April 26, 2018

I’ve been off this week and now it’s Thursday … glorious Thursday! Temps here in Seattle should near 80°F and the day is ours to choose what to make of it. Let’s take a look at what I did yesterday and what’s gone before.


Yesterday was a weird day. I’d planned to get up early for a couple hour hike on a nearby trail but instead, found myself with a terrible night’s sleep and awakening to a miserable headache. After the hike I was going to grab a half yard of gravel and do projects in the yard. But, with my head causing me to actually take pain medication (you know it’s serious when I head to the medicine cabinet), I laid low, napped, and stayed out of the sun. By late afternoon I was feeling well enough to make good on my offer to help a buddy move some stuff and then returned home to watch a movie with Suzanne.

Today is the reset. I won’t hike the nearby trail but I will get that gravel and spread it about.


WP_20180426_07_13_02_ProThe start of our week was taking our dozen-year-old cat to the vet. He has always acted the role of an entitled cat (and when said of cats, that’s a big thing), but this was more than melodrama … a cat that stops eating for three days has issues. But, the vet checkup and subsequent analysis of various samples says, “a cat in very fine health.”

The doc suspects something to do with the pancreas and its various mechanisms. We still think there was a mechanical aspect … meaning he ate and choked or reacted to something. Neither hypothesis holds up under pointed scrutiny so we can just be happy he’s back to his princeling ways.

And, to that point, he’s even better than normal. He’s sociable, active, and almost playful. Fun to have this behavior back but not sure I’d want to trade another vet bill like the one we got in exchange for it!

Oh, and the picture to the right … that’s a cat we met at the vet. It was a surrender from a client and has a number of other issues. Our vet insists that he’s not that overweight and it’s just his body type, but from the “ooomph” Suzy uttered on picking him up and proclaiming him a “butterball … all softness and roundness”, I suspect he could stand a reduced calorie diet and still be just fine.

The Gear Rack

WP_20180424_12_03_33_ProI crowed about a gear rack I was building to take the place of a cart Suzy had purchased for (and was soon going to deliver to) her Master Gardener program. It was time to move my stuff.

WP_20180424_12_03_20_ProIf the attendant pictures show something that looks WAY overbuilt … meaning, do the sides of the trays really need to be made from 2x4s? … the fact is I built this using all scrap wood sitting around the shop.

The sides of the trays and legs are all scrap 2×4 parts … about a dozen pieces stored in various places around the shop.

The bottoms of the trays are actually some scrap the builders had left over when they enclosed the deck on our house. It’s been waiting for a project for a few years now!

And the top bar was a 2” cut-off of a 2×4 that was sitting in a corner. The original design had that bar just as long as the rack but I extended them so I could hang a few things.

I still want to sink a few nails (or, if I want to be fancy, some wooden pegs) from the top tray for additional hanging capacity. Other than that, it’ll do great!

I built it using mostly screws and no glue, this way I can reclaim the wood if I ever need to. You see, I only need this because I’m spreading out for a season of hiking\climbing; once that’s over, all of this stuff has places it can be stored in. Maybe I’ll just unscrew the trays from the legs and store it all flat, awaiting another season. Not sure but I’m happy with how this came out.

Parting shot

Gotta share one more from last weekend. While I fully intended to get back this coming weekend, Tim showed me his heels last night and both had holes burned in them from the outing … open, red, and sore-looking. We may choose another destination this coming weekend.

DSCF1780 Stitch

Thanks for dropping by!


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