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Changes near to home

Posted by joeabbott on March 5, 2017


I’m in a bit of a quandary: as Suzy and I transform our property up in Granite Falls, removing years of brush and invasive vegetation, our neighbors at our current home are doing something similar to a lot abutting our home.

Since we moved in, there’s been a lot adjacent to our house that was vacant, overgrown, to all observations, ignored. Before we had yard waste service at our home, we’d dump the occasional bucket of trimmings into the underbrush and it seemed to go unnoticed.

At one point we had kept a compost bin on the far side of the fence (since replaced with a larger one on our property) and the owners knew it was there. They had to keep the property lines cleared of blackberry plants so they’d show up once a year to trim them back and give the fast-growing plants a shot of some herbicide. Another neighbor had talked to these folks but we’d never seen them.

Well, a month or so back a For Sale sign appeared and Suzy has been watching for action … and it came in short order. First, a set of (I’m assuming) amateur loggers felled all the trees on the lot. It looked like a scene from a page in the book The Lorax; trees just felled willy-nilly and left where they were dropped. It was a sad event.

A few days later, Suzy sent me the pictures as the lot was cleared by the massive machine you can see in the pictures here.

It’s somewhere sad; the lot was home to a few annoying trees (cottonwoods) but it had a wonderful old snag in which a woodpecker would live and a beautiful madrone tree specimen. Madrone trees are native to this area but not in great numbers; they have a peeling bark and a wonderful cinnamon-colored wood, with dramatic, curving structure. A great tree and sad to see it go.

So, all that habitat and a wonderful location for all manner of small mammals, birds, and plant … just gone.

The quandary I face is that we’re doing something similar up north. Similar is in quotes because we’re not completely flattening and entire lot; of our 5-acres, we’re preserving over three for native trees and maintaining corridors for animals that wish to use our lot as a thoroughfare to the 20-acre parcel across the street. While we haven’t removed any large trees yet, we’re sure a couple will have to go just based on where we plan on citing the house. Our careful decisions and slow pace make what’s happening next door feel a bit more heavy-handed.

Not only that, it’ll take a bit getting used to having a home higher than ours that, potentially, will be looking into our backyard. A lot has to do with what is built and where on the lot, but we’re not exactly excited with these developments. From the pictures you can see we’ve enjoyed a bird’s eye view for a while, which adds to the complexity of my misgivings to the development.

And so, as we reflect on the changes happening here and how we perceive them, Suzy and I will tread carefully on our lot up north as we transform it. We’re committed to putting in lots of plants and beautifying things and, now more than ever, looking forward to moving up there and enjoying a little elbow room without someone looking into our backyard.


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