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And we’re back!

Posted by joeabbott on February 6, 2017

WP_20170206_06_39_49_ProThis morning at about 6:30AM we lost power for about 10 hours; it was grueling.

With heavy snow forecast for the Seattle area overnight and an inch already accumulated, I’d planned on working from home. As my next day would be mostly meetings (we’re in the middle of quarterly planning), I could attend online and still be an active participant; not ideal but for a once-in-five-years storm I’d be OK.

At 5:15AM my alarm went off and I noted that it had prodigiously snowed that night, with about 8” standing on flat surfaces; wonderful to look at and I was happy I had other arrangements for the day. So, I returned to bed and around 6:30AM I heard a noise, looked at Suzy (who was awake) and asked if she heard her computers *bonk*. “Yup … and with the green flash in the sky, I’m thinking we’re without power,” was her response. And she was dead right.

WP_20170206_08_01_08_ProBeing without power is typically not a big deal, as we’re near the airport and facilities in that area seem to get a priority on being fixed, but as we’d find out, we were on the other side of the hill from the airport and outside the golden zone of immediate attention from Puget Sound Energy. And so, for the next 10 hours we did without, only seeing the “to be investigated” listed on our phones when we queried the myPSE app about our service. But, we weren’t sure when our power would be back. And so our day started.

Without power, I wasn’t able to get on the internet so I needed an option for that; which would be the library just up the way; easily walkable, but they didn’t open until 10AM. So, I tried what I could from my phone and then waited.

Suzy and I cared for our hens, shook heavy snow from the branches of our trees (many younger ones will likely suffer an odd tilt but none looked lost), and enjoyed a morning of reading. She had a cold breakfast and I opted to get out my camping stove and enjoyed some hot-water-grits. Not great but I’ve had worse … or none!

At 10AM I headed to the library, wanting to give them a little time to open and get setup. The heavy snow made slow going but I was there in short order … the trip made a little more easy because I was able to walk down the middle of the street. At the library I was met by closed doors and apparently no power to that building, either. Sigh.

Back home I trudged, connected to those through phone-mail, and I planned for the day off.

WP_20170206_07_52_26_Pro 1A little more reading, a bit of napping, and I offered to drive us out for lunch. It felt a bit disingenuous to take a day off for snow and then drive to lunch, but it was a late lunch and the roads had improved; what I feared the most was nighttime temps and icy roads. So we headed out … first to get gas for my trip into work tomorrow, and then to Qdoba for chips and a burrito. The roads were mostly fine: in some cases just two tracks for your tires and everywhere heavy accumulations on the sides, but I did manage to get stuck at the bottom of my driveway!

Yup, couldn’t get up. I wasn’t truly stuck as I could back down but I had to get my shovel out and shovel the whole thing off. Ugh … my back forgets those Minnesota winter days when we had to do this. While our driveway lent itself well to clearing, the snow was abusively heavy and where I’d pulled out, the snow was compacted to ice and needed a lot of work.

After that was done, I got into the house, now about 57°F and was pretty chilled. So, under a blanket for a dozy bit of time on my (sore) back with a cat. And, around 4:30PM or so, Suzy was walking by and *pop*, the power came back on! No circuits tripped, no flashes of lights going out, just a hum of the furnace and digital clocks flashing.

And with that, we were back in business. There was a bit of futzing with the internet and the question of “what to do for dinner”, but mostly it was me heading upstairs to check in on work and Suzy enjoying her time with the cats. While I had been dozing, she had been more industrious upstairs doing a bit of tidying up and sorting books. It’s not a “fun” job, but we have amassed quite a few good books and sometimes it’s fun to look through them. This time, they were just a clutter and she was trying to put some order to the mess.

And now I’m here. That’s about it for our “snow day” and while the hassles were minor and we weren’t gone long, it’s good to be back!


3 Responses to “And we’re back!”

  1. Wow, what goofy weather! The worst part about having heavy snow is the local government doesn’t have a good way for removing the snow. Just time and temperature. When you move to your new home you will farther down the outage line. You better brush up on your offline lifestyle!

  2. joeabbott said

    Haha!! You are right at that … all year we’ve been watching the weather patterns 60 miles north as we plan and prep for that move. Part of the reason our local government doesn’t have a good way to remove snow is that it happens so infrequently, there’s not a lot of impetus to own and maintain the equipment. While the snow will sometimes stick around for a week, it’s typically gone the next day.

    I got into work this AM and nearly slid down the hill and through the shopping area until I got to the freeway … once there, all the traffic had melted away the ice. Back on surface streets near work it was icy again. I could have made a good argument for working from home “again” today!

    Thanks for the note, PAH!

  3. Good tom now it all turned out well. I’ve had 3 snow days at home this winter already. However our power never went out. I just could not travel via car to work. Have a good rest of the week and upcoming weekend

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