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Heck yeah–I did it!

Posted by joeabbott on January 21, 2017

imageIf you follow here (or just bumped into this post) and aren’t into video games, this post may not be for you.

I completed Dark Souls 3 last night and, as an adult man in my mid-50s, still found myself doing a happy dance around the room. The game released last April and I played it for about ten days before putting it down until late October when I picked it up again for a week before holding off until late in November … and, for whatever reason since then, it has been a near-daily obsession to get on and progress a bit against my goal of completing the game. I’ve played the equivalent of 12 days, 8 hours, and 2 minutes … and I can feel the pull to get back in.

Along the way an interesting change happened; and maybe this was the change late in November that caused me to obsess over the game: I started co-oping a lot more. I recall mentioning to Suzy that I was going to “get online and see if anyone needed help” a couple times; and, for a guy who previously didn’t care if he was on the Internet or not while gaming, this was a big change.

I still hate being invaded, as that really breaks the flow of the game for me, but I found myself putting down “my sign”, waiting to be summoned, and perusing the Dark Souls chat boards to see if anyone was asking or offering help. My friend list has expanded and, because I was making a completionist run, found myself with lots of extra valuable gear I could give to other people. One day a fellow posted on the public board that someone didn’t make good on a trade and cheated him. He was warning us against the other player but I contacted the poster, asked what he lost, and then met up with him to give him the set of armor he was shorted … I had an extra and didn’t need it. And, without being asked, he then gave me a couple valuable weapons that were fully upgraded and I ended up using one of them in my final boss fight! It’s a fun community and the people in it really helped me along the way.

But, this post is mostly a bragging piece to say, “I did it”. Yup, lots of other folks have done it but I did it.


I’m not sure what’s next. Yes, as I noted above, I feel the pull of the game saying, “come on back in and enjoy some jolly cooperation!”, but I think I’m mostly done. There are a few folks who have helped me along the way who indicated they’d be calling, so I’ll get on for that, and I still have the DLC to complete at my current level … but I’ve already played it through twice. So, there may not be all that much left for me. We’ll see.

I have a list of games as long as my arm to get in (or get back to), try, and enjoy, but I also know, along with my 100% completion on Dark Souls 3, I have a 100% completion in the original Dark Souls … but, in the middle chapter, Dark Souls 2, I only have 80 of the 1000 Gamerscore … so that may be my next objective. Again, we’ll see.

Dark Souls has been a glorious interest and obsession. I’ve always loved the lore, the gameplay, and the world the creators have made, and now I’m finding new things to love in the community around the game. Today I believe I’ll just bask in the glory of accomplishment and stay off video games. I have a few errands to run and a shop that’s over-cold, not just from the January weather, but the lack of my attention. So, while I’m driving or puttering around today, I’m sure I’ll be in a good mood as I continue my mental happy dance and repeat the words: I did it.


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