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Sunday: a day for … work

Posted by joeabbott on December 18, 2016

All play and no work make me a bit edgy, to be perfectly honest. I feel like I’m not living up to a standard I should, not contributing as needed, just in a very unusual place. So with the last couple days being nothing but sleeping in, long naps, shows, and shopping … well, it’s time to crack the whip. But let’s crack it gently, no?

Last night Suzy and I watched a show called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children in the waning hours of the day and while I suspect she could have gone for another movie … perhaps something a bit more Christmasy, I was reluctant to stay up late and further challenge the time I arise in the morning. For work I’m up at 5:15AM and while that’s a bit on the early side for vacation days, I’m most comfortable being up between 6:30-7AM. Good solid times to take in the morning paper, get a nice hot breakfast, and then be on with the day.

So, while I headed up to bed before 10PM last night, was able to arise around 7:30AM. I feel I’m “catching up” but suspicious I may have already caught up and am now in the process of putting a little distance between me and sleep deprivation as I sprint ahead on stocking up time abed.

But, this morning has already played out nicely: I fed the cats, watered the chickens and tossed them some meal worms, and gave myself the pot-scrapings from yesterday’s oatmeal. I’m now ready for the day. So what does the day hold? For this industrious boy, it holds chores!

I’ve let my garage disintegrate into complete chaos … what with hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas at our home I didn’t want to stow our spare stand-up tables, or the fold-up chairs, the chafing dishes, or the beverage dispenser. Then there’s the setup for ensuring our deer have good lighting … the extra bulbs and fuses, the spare strands of lights, the wire snips and strippers, the electrical tape and zip ties. I have one more deer I plan on stringing lights on and now that it’s above freezing here, I believe it’s time to tackle that chore. After getting that deer wired up, I’ll stow the tables we don’t need, do away with bits and pieces of branches used in various projects, clean my work surfaces, and sweep up the debris. Chilly work to be sure, but enjoyable.

After that, I have my office. It, as well, has decomposed into a hoarder’s fantasy land of piles of this and heapings of that. I’m not quite sure all of what I have here but it’s gotta go as I make room for my new monitor. I have the impression that everything will fit but I still need to prove that out. In addition, I still have maps and information from my summer hikes, I have a pile I wish to document from WoJ, and the piled boxes of Xbox controllers, cables, and extras are taking over. Time to reclaim. I’m not quite sure where I’ll start, but I’ll get ‘er done!

And, interspersing this casually busy day, this wanna-be captain of industrious behavior will sample baked goods from Suzy’s oven, play some games on some screen here or there, and enjoy a little cat-time because, well … maybe just because and maybe because I’m on vacation.

Thanks for dropping in and making time to view my ramblings. I hope your day is full of industrious behavior, too.


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