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Goat feeder

Posted by joeabbott on December 18, 2016

OK … I’ve been asked to build a second wall in front of a goat feeder to minimize the amount of food (hay) the goats can pull out. As browsers (animals that forage mainly on high-growing vegetation), they pull and yank and give their food a little fight and end up pulling out more than they want. Once it hits the ground, it’s no longer considered food … and that leads to waste. So I get to build a second screen to help them get mouthfuls and not more than they’ll eat.

In order to do this, I asked Suzy to take some pictures and get me some initial measurements. Good stuff, but seeing it in person also helped … I’ve never seen nor built a goat feeder before. Armed with this data, I built a model in one of my favorite tools, SketchUp. Here are the pics I made … the brown parts are the original structure: the wood is mostly 2×6 and he’s done a great job of chamfering and routing out the parts. It’s nice work.

The purple parts are what I plan on building: the wood doesn’t require 2×6 lumber … 2×4 will work fine. I’ll also work with 8’ sections to save on a bit of cost there. But, simply cut to length and install with screws. I may need an extra brace or two, but there should be plenty left over from cut-offs to manage this. I plan on bringing my truck, some saw horses, a couple saws, and some electric drills. I’ll toss in a router, speed square and a few other oddments but I hope it’s a quick job.

One tricky part will be to align the metal panels so the holes allow the animals to get their heads in to eat. We’ll have to play with it a bit … maybe an intentional misalignment will help to save hay that would otherwise be wasted. Not sure yet … again, first time I’ve paid any attention to a goat feeder!






Thanks for poking your nose in … I’ll add some pics once I have it finished and installed on Tuesday.


One Response to “Goat feeder”

  1. I hope it works!

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