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Vacation Day 1

Posted by joeabbott on December 17, 2016

clip_image002I don’t plan to do a daily post, but I do feel better about how I used my vacation when I can recall all that I’ve done and blogging is a pretty good way to help my memory!

Yesterday was a first in a number of ways: first of my 2016 vacation and the first time I can recall being allowed to sleep until 8:30AM by the cats! While I normally am not a late sleeper, it felt pretty good to just lay there and loll in and out of sleep, but almost always by 6AM our pet Trasper is nudging me awake and letting me know it’s time to get up. I was pretty surprised he let me rest.

Once up and about, I opened a package that Suzy had ordered for me, saying, “if you wait until Christmas to open it up, it’ll be too late.” So I got it out and immediately popped on my ugly-Christmas-sweater-style sweatshirt! Yup, a sweatshirt that has an ugly Christmas sweater look but using the motif from a video game that I adore: Dark Souls. While “Praise the sun” may sound reasonably festive, only those who have lurked the land of Lordran or Lothric might truly understand it. Fabulous … let the holiday season begin!

After this, Suzy and I found ourselves heading to our now-favorite dim sum location, Macky’s, and enjoying some of the best dim sum we’ve had in a while. Hot, fresh, and tender … all of it. We tried seven dishes and rolled out of there full as can be and with a doggy bag for later.

From there we headed south to the Goat Rescue farm so I could take dimensions for an upcoming project. It seems the hay feeder the goats are using isn’t retaining the hay and, surprising to me, but goats won’t eat food that’s been soiled … so all the hay that gets pulled out to the ground is being wasted. My job will be to put a second “screen” in front of the feeder to minimize the waste.image

Oh … the second screen that I’m going to build will keep Pixie from doing what she’s doing here: standing on the trough itself as she digs in for more hay!

I’m almost (almost) embarrassed to admit that, on returning home, I took a nap. Yup, after crowing about sleeping in, I headed upstairs and went down … for almost three hours. It was delish. I got up, tossed on some sweats, thought about doing nothing the rest of the evening when Suzy said something like, “oh good, you’re up … we have to head to dinner and the theater at 6.”

Suzy and I have enjoyed seeing theater a bit … it’s not “in our blood”, but we’re happy to enjoy a show when we can. And, just earlier that week, a coupon booklet came in the mail and we spotted a $5 off coupon for a local theater troupe; this was their last weekend and so we had a date.

ultimate-card-finalBut, I shrugged off the sweats, we had a small bit of pizza before the show, and then we headed up the road to the Burien Actors’ Theater (BAT) for an evening with three performers in The Christmas Show (abridged).

The premise of the play was a group of three people putting on a nondenominational, universitarian, everyone-is-welcome Christmas show; and, due to bad weather, the three are left to perform all parts! The ladies in the leading parts are all talented as musician, singers, and, of course, actresses, the show was humorous and had the intent of depth, and they did a lot to involve the audience. But, the humorous parts weren’t riotous, the thoughtful parts just took you part of the way there, and the production values (costumes, props, lighting) were good, but that’s it.

The play took the form of many skits with the ladies all sharing the lead and playing well off one another. The small, eflin actress, Pepper, played the role of someone who has deep religious convictions, wanting a “traditional Christmas”; red-haired Beth played the role of an outgoing “pagan”; and Anna rounded out the cast as the most materialistic, wanting a “honking Harley” as a holiday gift.

Throughout the skits, each one of them is shown the best and worst of their beliefs and prejudices, and in the end, Anna gives the other two gifts without concern that they had nothing for her, Beth leads a rousing version of Gloria in Excelsis Deo (and, it was pretty good … including the audience, even with many of us humm-hm-hm-hmmm-ing through some of the lyrics), and Pepper acknowledges the many aspects of a modern Christmas have absolutely nothing to do with the Bible or Christianity.

At over two hours we certainly got our money’s worth, we enjoyed a new experience at the BAT, and we got to enjoy each other’s company as we took an ill-intended turn toward the airport on our way home and got caught up in late night/season traffic in an incredible crush to SeaTac airport. While annoying, the car was warm and we had plenty to talk about.

It was a full Day 1 … and my vacation was off to a good start! Thanks for dropping in.


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