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Day 2–Vacation 2016

Posted by joeabbott on December 17, 2016

Well, today is still well on the books, as it’s just past 5PM but I don’t think there’s much to capture about today.

We slept in again, feeling like we had nothing but time. Upon arising, I fetched a couple boxes from the front porch in addition to the daily newspaper and not 20 minutes later, another box hit the top of the stairs! It’s raining boxes out here!

I ran the chickens out a bit of water … it’s been so cold here at night that their watering bins are freezing. We have an automatic warmer that keeps their metal tin just above freezing: the water remains liquid but it still feels quite cold. But, with 13 hens, we have several watering stations and just one is heated … we bring the others in on freezing nights. So, I managed that chore while I was still wiping sleep from my eyes but the house sure feels warm and snug after you’ve spent a quick 10 minute out there tending to their water and feed.

While I enjoyed some slow-cooked oats for breakfast, Suzy headed up to Chickenville an hour or so after I’d been up there with some quick oats. I questioned whether it was really necessary to start the hens with a hot breakfast when she repeated what I’d said earlier that day: “man, it’s tough being a chicken on days like today”. OK … oats for the ladies, it is!

After that we hopped in her car and headed to Costco. There’s a Costco within a mile of our house but we chose to head 8 miles away to another one … why? Well, that other one is a Business Costco and while it doesn’t have food samples and some of the consumer goods, it also doesn’t have the huge lines and massive crush of people! Sounds like a fair trade to me! We picked up some plates we’d use for Christmas dinner while hosting her family of 20+ people and, as always happens when heading to Costco, we managed to leave with a cartload.

On our way home we made another stop: Best Buy.

We both had computer needs this season: her iPad was showing its age and my computer was giving out. To save money, my replacement computer didn’t come with a new monitor: I was going to use the old one. Well, on setting it up, I went a quick route and just plugged the new computer into the television monitor I use for gaming … and it was a transformative experience. No longer will simple 20”+ monitors work, I need A MASSIVE TELEVISION-STYLE MONITOR!

Need. It’s a terrible word, but somehow seemed justified here. But my old gaming TV is old enough that the image is pretty poor … colors aren’t good, text is fuzzy, and the only thing “HD” about this one is that it’s a Westinghouse “Heavy Duty” sorta unit.

So, we went to Best Buy to see what they had and we hit the slippery slope of buying a modern television. On heading in I had a hard line of $100 … which I knew was a lie and ready to part with $150. Why even fool myself about the $100? Well, with perpetual Black Friday sales, with price killer/slayer/slasher sorta deals, with Flash Sales Events … well, I fooled myself into thinking I’d find a wonderful deal. But, they were just sales.

After I got over the fact that, yeah, I’d pay $150 at best, we started looking at 720p vs 1080p vs HDTV, we looked at different manufacturers and styles, and finally, with the space my new monitor would sit limiting it to about 30”, we chose one that didn’t go much above my price “limit”. And, after spending a quick 5-minutes looking for a box containing that model, Suzy looked it up on her phone, confirmed there was free shipping, and we walked out empty-handed but happy to know there’d be at least one more box hitting our front porch in the next day or so.

I love modern shopping.

That’s about it. Later this evening we’ll cozy up in front of the Xbox and pop in a video from our Christmas collection. It could be A Christmas Story or The Grinch or any of the other dozen or so videos we have. It’s a little tradition of our and always a fun evening.

Thanks for dropping in … and I hope your season is off to a good start, too!


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