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Vacationing and pets

Posted by joeabbott on August 5, 2016

Have you ever had a BUNCH of time and expected to be able to do a certain something in that time but it doesn’t seem to pan out? Such has been the last couple weeks where I’ve been on vacation (yup, a real vacation … just time off doing nothing) but I haven’t written a single post! What’s that all about?!?

Well, it’s about packing the day with being out and about, with much physical toil or completely recuperating. But, even when having a “do nothing” day, like yesterday, I squeeze in a little something … again, like yesterday when Suzy and I picked up and spread a yard of crushed rock around the plateau. Yup, that was a “do nothing” day for us. But, writing has taken the backseat.

With two weeks off, we split the vacation into two parts: time in North Carolina for a family reunion of sorts, and doing work on the property. I’ll try to post something on those topics later but will use this post to show off a bit of our house-sitter.

While we’re away, we have our nephew, David, stay at our home. He tends to the cats, ensures our chickens are fed and the eggs collected, and generally is around to make sure things stay on the rails. Because, as our home is starting to get up there in age, minor things will happen. In the last couple stays he’s had particular trouble with water issues: a toilet flapper inexplicably failed one stay and a plastic splitter on the hose of our irrigation system gave away another time. Minor issues, to be sure, but we’re happy to have someone on site to attend to them.

And, every day he’s staying at our home, he’ll send photos of the cats and chickens to help us with our separation anxieties from our pets. Here are the pictures he took this last trip.

Day 1

On the first day, our cats seem to have opted to stay indoors. Not uncommon for cats to exhibit somewhat unusual behavior when big changes happen … like Suzy and me being gone … but it’s also not uncommon for our cats, who see a lot of monitored outdoor time, to enjoy afternoons upstairs looking out the windows or just napping.

Trimble Day 1image3image1


As Trasper wasn’t feeling well when we left (a pretty big concern for us), it was distressing to see him inside on Day 2 while Trimble was clearly enjoying some outside time. While it was good to see the cats, we were starting to wonder if leaving Trasper was the right call.


Day 3

This is more like it. While Trasper’s picture is hard to understand what’s going on, he’s under his ferns and rolling on his back. Now that’s’ the Trasper we know! And Trimble taking an afternoon nap on my side of the bed … classic Trimble.


Day 4

Another outdoor shot of both of the cats; yup, they’re getting into the swing of being pet-sat.



If you can swing having a pet sitter at your home when you vacation, it’s worth considering and, if you do, have them send you pics … they’re great to get and see. I like the various photo styles David used … some close-ups, some distance shots … and always appreciate seeing our cats enjoy their days. The chickens … well, with 13, there are too many to hope to see in any one picture (however, I suspect David didn’t try enticing them to come to him with treats). So, the candid pictures of the odd bird or birds is fine. I don’t worry about them like I do the cats.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have found your way to stay in touch with your pets while you travel!


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