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VtD: Sunday–Tuesday

Posted by joeabbott on December 16, 2015

Another catch up here as time is flying.


Played Dark Souls (see the prior post). It was fabulous as I was able to make a lot of progress over where I had been, earn a few more achievements, and see some new areas of the game. My approach to Dark Souls for a long time was to play through the first few levels, get stuck, and start a new character so I could play through the first levels again. Not productive, overall, but I was getting good at blocking, counter attacking, and creating new characters. <g>

At about 1PM I looked in on Suzy and suggested we find a park that we could take a walk in. While I enjoy gaming, I do realize I’m home and we should have some together time. But, Suz was in the middle of something so I left her to her project and fired up Dark Souls again while I waited for her. About 2 hours later I went looking for her; she saw me and said something like, “are you ready now?” Looks like we had a gift of the magi moment: she was waiting on me and I was waiting on her.

Regardless, we headed out to a nearby botanical garden, walked the grounds, and proceeded to stroll around the nearby Community Center as we caught up and were a couple. Very nice and even moreso for a tasty meal at Five Guys Burgers … love their fries!


Shopping Day!

Before heading out shopping, we took stock of our shelves and stopped the water to a toilet and grabbed the leaky flapper so I could compare at Home Depot … I then left the faulty flapper on my workbench before getting in the car. It was time to get out for a quick bit of shopping for the house together and then I’d drop Suzy off and head back out for some personal time shopping.

We strolled out the door hand-in-hand for a romantic morning at Costco, getting everything from a Christmas ham to batteries for our various devices. We never seem to get out of Costco with less than a cart-ful and a $100 charge on my card. Ah well, first world problems.

WP_20151216_10_46_28_ProAfter that I dropped Suzy off and ran around doing a bit of shopping for her: little this and that items to spunk up her holidays. While I didn’t complete everything, at least her sock won’t be empty on Christmas Day!

As I headed home I remembered to swing by Home Depot and took a guess at the flapper size … as I no longer had the faulty unit with me. Lady Luck flipped a face card … got it in one. But, as I re-engaged the water to the tank, the valve (that’s been turned maybe three times since we bought the house) decided it was time to leak. And leak badly.

My initial response was to let a plumber deal with it … I HATE fixing things with leaks; plumbing repairs are my nemesis. But, the little bucket under the valve that was catching the drips was filling too fast … it’d never last a night and I wasn’t going to pay rush charges. So, back to Home Depot with the little valve handle so I could find a replacement.

Imagine my surprise upon learning that they didn’t just sell the handle but expected you to replace the entire angle valve! Oy! That’s a bigger fix. And, on top of that, there are a half-dozen types of elbows out there.

Well, I didn’t know which one I needed but I prayed to the god of Standard Parts and hoped that, while there may be various types of line-in and line-out configurations, there’d only be one handle type … and that I could just replace the handle and get away with it.

A mad hope, but such is my relationship with things that leak.

And, Lady Luck (and the GSP) were still in force because, after threading the new valve handle into the old angle joint and turning on the water main, we had no leaks and everything seems to be working as expected.

To celebrate we stayed up late and watched two movies: the goofy and forgettable Johnny English and the exquisitely well-written and feel good Love Actually.


Tuesday was left to talking about properties and homes we are considering for “retirement years” and to attend our niece’s Christmas recital at Archbishop Murphy High School where she’s a freshman who plays flute in the band. Of the two, the property thing has a lot of potential impact on, well, everything, but the Christmas pageant was just a pleasure.

We’ve attended these holiday school productions for years and appreciate the quality of the high school productions over some of the earlier year shows. The singers more control of their range, the musicians have better timing, and the flutists … well, the very voice of angels!

Looking ahead

This week I’ll attend to getting my Christmas stuff in order. Suzy continues to shoulder the lion’s share of the work around Christmas and has stepped up to do even more this year; our holiday card was ready earlier than ever and the Christmas shopping done in record time. It has given me a false sense of being ready when, in reality, I got a lot to do! Time for me to step up and get in pace with Suzy!

That’s it for the little diary of my Vacation to Date! Thanks for dropping by.


2 Responses to “VtD: Sunday–Tuesday”

  1. momma said

    Especially after watching all the awfulness of our local newscasts (why do I watch?), it’s always a good antidote to check in with your blog and get to share in the normal and good lives of you two. Well, today I get to enjoy little Josie Frances when her mom, Naomi, brings her here for another visit. So Life is Good here in Minneapolis, too.

    • joeabbott said

      We’re looking forward to making the acquaintance with Josie this coming summer! Thanks for the note … Life is good, indeed.

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