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VtD: Monday and Tuesday

Posted by joeabbott on December 9, 2015

OK … I won’t be posting daily exploits but on the days I have committed activities, I’ll likely share a bit more. Happily, aside from the holidays (Christmas and New Years), today is the last day I have a planned outing! That’s nice for someone who wants to just get lost in a few days of wandering about without a commitment. While all of my endeavors have been enjoyable, I’d still like to sleep in late, listen to the rain, and read a book for hours on end without wondering if “it’s time to go”.


Monday was the day Suzy and I planned to run a few errands down in the “south end”. We’d been referred to a store called Tinkertopia by a coworker and we wanted to see it; we had a load of “car fluids” (everything from STP gas treatment, to carburetor cleaner, to windshield washer fluid) that were all at least a decade old and we wanted to drop off at a disposal location; and then there was chicken supplies to pick up from the south-end Del’s farm supply.

imageBut, it was raining. Really raining a lot and traffic was nightmarish, so we waited for that to clear.

Around 10AM we headed to Tinkertopia and, while I LOVE the idea, applaud the effort, and was sincerely charmed by the store, it was mostly a bunch of junk that wouldn’t be welcome in my home. The idea behind the store is one-off items and cast-off goods from local manufacturing firms or any business that are collected and can be used in crafts and home projects. My coworker has kids and that’s likely the target audience.

While I was looking for small, handy tools, electrical components and motors for DIY projects, or other high quality items, the store was mostly … and unabashedly … stuff no one wanted or could use for other projects.

There were items like bolts of rip-stop fabric and then scrap cut-offs from materials used for making jackets or other clothing. There were caps used to protect the ends of items during shipping that were no longer needed; small plates with LEGO-like circular depressions in them; punched out plastic chads with adhesive backing. The ultimate was when Suzy found a container full of the handle punch-out portion of the plastic bags you get from grocery stores!

imageThe store also had a ton of one-of-a-kind items that just didn’t work any longer: things that looked like scientific equipment that no longer worked, lenses and old slides, and watch parts, and all manner of cast-off stuff. To be honest, the higher quality items looked like a junkier trip through my grandmother’s basement!

From their website:

One person’s junk is another person’s bonanza of materials for early education art classes, learning games, science experiments, crafts, costuming, and other expressions of creativity.

The best part (for me) was the names on all the containers of junk. The owners put a lot of time and creativity into thinking of clever names for everything and, while I remember nothing particular but they were along the lines of “Large Dragon Scales” for plastic squares, “Invisible Ghost Traps” for small, clear plastic containers, and “Victorian underworld currency” for a load of buttons.

In the end, Suzy found nothing and I bought a brass duck ($4.44!) that I’ll place in our garden somewhere near our dry streambed. We did spend a bit of time talking to one of the owners, R.R. Anderson, and really like the vision of the store … we even have some potential donation material they might be able to use!

Upon leaving Tacoma (where Tinkertopia is), we made our way north to the hazardous waste drop-off location, only to find it closed on weekdays. Grrrr… But, it put us within spitting distance of a number of restaurants and, as it was noon, we stopped in to a BBQ place to nosh. It’s a rare meal out that doesn’t come with some take-home, and today was no exception … Suzy brought home a meal’s-worth of ribs and I hadn’t even touched my pulled pork sandwich! You just get a lot of carby sides with a BBQ meal.

Anyhow, we picked up four bales of wood chips, managed to put them under a double wrap of tarp, and made our way home.

I took a nap, played some Xbox, talked to Suzy about more property issues … and then we watched a movie and finished the Lifeless Planet. A good day.


Today’s outing was visiting a financial advisor … we’re nearing the point where we’re close to making an offer on a place but need to make sure everything is lining up. I’ve said a number of times I’d rather pass up a good deal than to make a bad one, but I don’t want to sit on the sidelines over-long. So, we had a 9:30AM appointment.

Before then, we stopped by the PO to mail a few boxes, grabbed a light breakfast, and then we arrived for our chat. We were there a long time … a couple hours … but the upshot was that things are fine and he’s given us the nod to start the ball rolling. To celebrate we had a lunch of burgers before heading back home for … yup, another nap, and then that night we went to the gym for a workout.

After getting home and showering, we started the game Valiant Hearts: The Great War. More on the games later.


One thing I gotta touch on is the amount of rain we’re having here recently. IT’S INCREDIBLE. Doesn’t seem to matter what time of day or what we have to do, the rain keeps coming. Lots and lots of rain … enough to make the front page of the papers the last couple of days.

In the image to the right, the Seattle area is in the left hand blotch just above the darkest color … I’m including the entire image so you can get the “inches legend” at the bottom of the picture.

Notice that the red color is 6”-8” of rain and the darkest band represents over 10”. That’s the sort of weather we’ve been seeing. Oh, the time period for this graph: the last 24-hours. Yup … 24-hours of lots and lots of rain.

It’s been a deluge.

Curiously it’s not raining right now, meaning it’s time for Suzy and I to get out, restock our chicken supply hutch and clean the coop. It’s just a lot nicer to do when you’re not getting soaked.

Later today

Around 1PM today I plan on heading over to a nephew’s house to do some woodworking. I say “plan” as they’re currently without power and that will put a damper on the project-making … so I’ll call before I head over and hope they’re back in business!

And that’s it! I have more meaty topics to cover later … some of the games I’ve played and the WoJ 2015 … so stay tuned!


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