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On being liked and visits to my posts

Posted by joeabbott on October 25, 2015

A long while back I wrote a meandering piece with a similar title … I never posted it because I could never really come to a point and it just sorta became this “folks who visited my site and made me feel good by leaving a like”.  You see, over a year, aside from my family, only a couple dozen people visit this blog; that’s fine and all, but I found I really enjoyed getting likes and wanted to somehow say “thanks”.

How to say thanks on the Internet

The most basic way of returning a bit of gratitude is to follow the like back to the person leaving it and reciprocating; leaving a like to one of their posts. Another way is to subscribe to their blog or site and become a follower. I’ve done both many times but not as often as I should. You see, sometimes I’m a bit lazy and sometimes I question motivation.

How to be noticed

Because I write about so many topics, I find I attract different types of people: folks to like video games, folks with chickens, and folks who do woodworking and home projects. By far the most popular posts are those with “travel” in the descriptions. There are LOTS of folks who love traveling.

I also feel I’ll never gather a following because I know of very few chicken-owning, hiker/climber types who do a little woodworking during the day and pick up a game controller at night. Folks like to feed their interests and jumping around so much, while potentially engaging, is more likely to be distracting.

Who are these people?

Some folks who leave likes are fairly transparent: they’re just fishing for people to come back to their sites so they can increase traffic and get additional followers. Through followers they can improve their advertising revenue and click-through rates. These folks typically have sites/about pages/posts that say things like: let me show you how you can live like I do!

I don’t dislike those sites or people and find their postings to be engaging and a snapshot into a fun life of travel. They absorb themselves into the moment and share that with others. However, I find their likes a bit transparent and I always suspect I’m just being lured more than liked.

But there are some …

A recent entry on building a quick shelf for some outdoor gear that I store under my house got a couple of quick likes and I suspected I was on the receiving end of someone simply posting to improve traffic on their site. I mean, really … who would like a post about turning some old particle board into a tabletop for under-the-house storage?

Well, I had more fun paging through Becca and Alex Foss’ site roamwildandfree than I have looking through many a site in a long time. From their site:

Welcome to an unfiltered view of the lives of two souls who have chosen to flirt along the untraveled path of adventure and freedom! We are Becca and Alex Foss, a duo devoted to working as little as possible for maximum play time!

They’re into hiking, climbing, snowboarding and generally living to experience nature with each other. Who might leave a like for a particleboard table used to store climbing gear? Well, Becca and Alex. Although I can hear them whispering something like: stop storing it and start using it!! I sincerely wish them well, hope to get my stuff out of storage soon (got a knee problem that needs fixin’ first), and maybe bump into them or others like them while I’m out.

The other like to that post is harder to tease out.

I can’t determine the site owner’s name, but SunnySleevez is an unapologetic advertising site for arm coverings designed to provide sun protection. While I nearly counted this as “click bait” to get me to their site, I noticed they had a lot of interesting, cheap, home remedy suggestions on their site. Reducing water use, no waste bird feeder, and a DIY fly trap all spoke of low-cost ways to solve life’s little problems. So, is liking a post that talks about re-using some old “wood” otherwise destined for a landfill too far off the mark? I think not … and so I accept the compliment.

Thanks for stopping in

For my family, especially Suzy, who make up the lion’s share of people visiting my site, I’m eternally grateful. Yes, I mostly write for myself and to keep my family apprised of my 2000-miles-away-doings, but it is gratifying to “be noticed” and especially when it involves someone going out of their way for me. It’s appreciated when they share in my life in this way.

For every like that I get from non-family, I’ll continue to be surprising and grateful for that little act of kindness. It really does make my day.

So, thank you for dropping by and I hope your day has its share of warm fuzzies … and thanks for all the likes.


One Response to “On being liked and visits to my posts”

  1. momma said

    Just want you to know that I gave some thought to You Art Now Less Dumb, told you about an incident in my life where I got someone to “like me”, and ended up “liking them” by asking them to do me a favor. I just hated doing it – it “tipped the power” between us, but I guess that’s the point…. Momma

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