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I’ll get the hang of blogging yet!

Posted by joeabbott on October 23, 2015

I have nearly 750 posts on this blog and I find I struggle to get out most of my stories. I have ideas, I’m eager to share, and yet I leave a lot of them as half-drafts that never get released. You see, I’m struggling as a “writer”.

Take us into your process

imageWhen composing the average post, I launch in “from the beginning”. I like to share my impetus and mindset; everything from motivations to how I think about whatever it is I’m writing about.

Let’s take a recent example: building a little shelf in the garage for my climbing/hiking gear.

I have a draft of a blog posting that’s nearly 1200 words long already and I’m still taking you through the design! I’ve added a picture of the project to the right: the house structure is brown, stuff I’d built previously is green and the new tabletop part is blue.

Anyhow, in the post I found that I was talking about the weather, plans Suzy and I had for the weekend, and even about some Xbox games I was playing! In my mind, they all go together but the parts about building this table were fairly thin.

What are you thinking?

For the most part, this blog has no purpose. Yes, I should retitle it: Letters to Mother. That’s what it is. It’s not a climbing blog … although it has a lot of that; it’s not a hiking blog … again, lots of that, too. I talk about chickens, woodworking, and home projects by the score. And Xbox games … yeah, got that, too.

As other people have wandered in here, I visit their sites and am always impressed by the focused posts on most of them. Travel blogs talk about travel, woodworking sites focus on projects, stories about chickens give me that, and how-to sites stay on topic. I do visit a few sites that are generalists, but even they stay mainly within two or three topics.

On top of covering a lot of different topics, I also go into too darned much detail. Yes, understanding that I got bored playing Xbox games and it was raining out so Suzy and I delayed working on a landscaping project are all motivations into jumping into the much-delayed “build a space for your hiking stuff”, but not really a necessary detail. Anyone coming to see a quick project come together doesn’t need a Stanislavski approach to appreciating my motivation.

And the minutia! Oh my!! I continue to learn a bunch and so I go into the types of glue I use, how to drill a proper hole (yes, there is a technique!), and even whether I used some existing wood I had in a cut-off pile or went out and bought new stuff. But is all that really necessary? The story would probably hold up and have the same punch without it.

What am I thinking? Heck, I don’t have a clue!

So, what are you going to do about it?

They say being aware of a problem is the start to addressing it. Well, I’m aware.

To help get a few more post  out more timely, I’ll start with avoiding some of the detail. You probably don’t care about what I had for breakfast on the day I started working on something and if I need to share how to drill a proper hole, well, I’ll get to that in a separate post. Let’s see how I do on that front.

You’ll hopefully see more posts but likely across the breadth of topics I’m currently covering. They should be shorter, to the point, and avoid taking you on the tour of what’s in my head. Let’s see how it goes and, as always, thanks for stopping by.


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