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Anticipation unleashed

Posted by joeabbott on February 22, 2015

Earlier this month I posted a picture of a couple stacks of lumber and titled that photo: A Gathering of Anticipation. Well, I’m acting on that anticipation but it’s a slow boil … I thought I’d be done by now but it’s taking much longer than I’d hoped. Unfortunately, I’m missing a window of incredibly nice weather here in Seattle: mid-50s and dry in February! I’m putting in a little prayer that the weather holds … or there’s a break next weekend … because I think I can finish.

A storage shed

imageI’m building a small storage shed to be placed up by our chicken coop for use in storing the bales of wood chip, the bags of sand, and the few specialty treats and treatments Suzy keeps for our hens. When it’s completed it’ll look something like the image to the right.

It looks simple enough but, as always, I’m sure I’m making it harder than it has to be.

First, I’m covering all the edges with flashing: bent steel edging. This should keep any critters at bay and, hopefully, allow us to keep feed up there, too. That would clear Suzy’s potting shed out completely from the chicken accoutrements.

Second, I’m building it to withstand time and tide. The sides and shelves are nested in dadoes, the doors will be edged in flashing, and the legs are backed with 2x4s on the inside. While not bulletproof, it’ll be rodent-proof. And yet not weatherproof.

Because I’m not super-accurate at bending the flashing, I had to build the doors with a bit more gap around them than I’d like. I have some weather stripping that I’ll run along the inside, but I wish I didn’t have to do that.

Let’s take a look at the progress over the last couple weekends.

2/7-2/8 – Break it down! Set it up!

The first thing I do (after planning my project in SketchUp), it to breakdown the major components. Here are a few snaps from this project:


The first picture shows the cut down panels, the second shows getting it setup for the next step, and the last photo shows how I plowed the dadoes. I’m using OSB/Strand chipboard, so it won’t be as strong as plywood, but I’ll be covering it with paneling so it won’t need to hold up to direct elements.

The next thing I do is go through a dry-fit.


I setup the dry fit on the floor and, as things worked out, I popped the parts onto a work table and started gluing it up!  In these pictures, I’m attaching the shelves to the back.

It was a busy bit of a glue-up: brackets to keep things at 90°, a caul to ensure the entire joint was snug, and working with large (3’x4’) panels. It made for some busy time. And then needing clamps to work with it all!

Week of 2/10 – keep it rolling!

I had too much to do on this project to enjoy the luxury of only working on the weekends. So, during the week, I continued to glue up panels and complete the box or carcass of the storage unit.


The first picture shows one of the sides joining the back and the shelves; the next is just another picture angle. The last picture shows the opposite side being put on.

In the next few there’s not a lot of new ground covered, but it does show how my collection of clamps came into play! And I’m super-happy that I have some. I had to jigger a couple to give me a long enough clamp to work … I’ll show some close-ups later.


Ooops! Hold that

At one point I created two left-side panels … causing me to need to make a small repair and route a new groove. It was an easy enough mistake to make: as I was sawing all the panels, I just got into production mentality and made two of the same sides … rather than the mirror images I needed. It meant I needed to cut a piece of wood the size of the groove and glue it in, then route a new groove where I needed it! Not that big of a deal, but frustrating.

Here’s the dado (groove) with the patch and the new dado in the correct location.


And, as a result of working little bits at a time (or so I tell myself that’s the cause), I installed the shelves in the wrong locations! One of the shelves goes from the back all the way to the front edge (breaking the storage into a top and lower section); and then the other stops an inch from the front edge, allowing the doors to close without hitting it.

The fix was simple enough: just trim and inch off the long shelf and then add an new edge via biscuit joint to the other. Simple. but (again) frustrating.


While I’m talking about hackery, here’s how I made two clamps that were too short into a longer clamp:


Later I’d go to the store and buy some bolts that will do a much better job than this.

That’s it for now

I see this is getting pretty long, even for me. I’ll stop here but I have a few more pictures of the work I completed this week: getting the edge banding on, cutting the legs, and then installing them. I’m not all the way done, but just letting the adhesive dry on one side so I can then do the other! Pretty close!

Thanks for dropping in and I hope to soon show you pictures of the final storage shed that look something like the SketchUp image!


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