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A scattering of pictures

Posted by joeabbott on February 7, 2015

I always liked the “names of groups of animals” … the congress of salamanders, the mob of emus, the tower of giraffes. These seemingly random terms are varied and often surprising … sometimes they seem apt and other times elicit a “where did that come from” response. In that spirit, I share a few pictures I took here and there, since the beginning of the year … all from my phone, usually on the way to or from work, and most are just random snaps that ask where the inspiration for taking that picture came from.

WP_20150108_001A distraction of driving

I’m not a “car guy” so I’m surprised at how much I’m doting on my vehicle. I may not be washing it down, conditioning the tires, or detailing the interior … heck, I don’t even park in our garage! … but it is on my mind often.

I remember that it’s new, I was worried when the first load of materials was dumped in the bed (the main reason I got a pickup), I am aware of when we’re eating in the car, and then there’s the picture to the right: the vanity snap of hitting 1000 miles.

Now, it’s obvious from the picture I wasn’t even stopped, so I reflect on the fact that I was more interested in getting a picture of my odometer as it turned over to 1000 miles than I was at being a safe driver!

Let’s say Suzy wasn’t pleased and, now that I think of it, I shouldn’t be, either.

A gathering of light

I ride the bus to work in the morning and enjoy a short walk to my office after being dropped off. These days it’s just after 7AM and still dark out, but there is a large construction project underway nearby and I enjoy the illumination from the work yard surrounding it. On one day earlier this year, we had an abundance of fog and it diffused that light wonderfully.

I snapped two shots … odd for me as one typically suffices … and I’m not sure which I like more. The first shot suffered from my flash being on but I sort of like the white cast it gives to the picture, highlighting the fog. The second shot has stronger contrast and I like that, too. Neither wonderful, but they gave me a nice pause before heading to my desk that morning.


A murder of crows

This picture was clearly the inspiration for the musings that started this post.

One day I was coming home from work “early” (~4:30PM) and, just before getting home, I came across a field of crows. Crows and crows and crows.

WP_20150114_001There were an astonishing number of crows!

In the picture above, I snapped it after the majority of them had flown off! I remember thinking how disappointed I’d be as I took the shot: how I only caught a minor number of the birds. And yet … LOOK AT ALL THOSE CROWS!

WP_20150203_001A disappointment of time

I’ve been putting in some long days lately and, I’m not sure I’ll be in the clear for another week or so.

As with many things at my work, how much time I put in is up to me and that’s clearly the situation now. There’s a lot going on but I’m dipping in and taking an extra large helping.

I’m not looking for a huge payout, I’m not bucking for advancement, and there’s not anything in the way of coercion; it’s just that there’s a lot going on and I want to do my part to get ‘er done!

But, the trade-off is that, upon leaving the office, I “enjoy” the view shown here: a world dark and cold … just like it was when I got in earlier that morning.

I should mention that normally the view I see here is resplendent! I am situated on the third floor of our building (it’s a three story building) and the view looks east over a green common area with some trees. In the distance I see the Cascade Mountain range and the foothills leading up to it. It’s quite beautiful.

In this picture, the small lights at the bottom are street lights around the green common area I noted and the large white dot is the near-full moon.

Not a shabby view but knowing that I was coming off an 11-hour day tempers things a bit.

A gathering of anticipation

WP_20150203_005WP_20150203_003I like to build stuff. I like working with my hands, I like being creative and practical, and I very much like taking something like raw wood and making it into something useful. The pictures accompanying this section give me a lot of pleasure.

In the first there are 5-6 4×8 panels of chipboard and the other shows 4 8’ long cedar 2x4s and a few pressure treated timbers. Nothing to speak of a grand creation or even inspired potential … and yet, when I’m done, it will be wonderful.

These “ingredients” are the bones of the storage hutch I’m building for Suzanne and our chicken supplies. When I’m done they’ll contribute to a 3’x4’ saltbox style hutch with a couple of doors. It’ll be simple and pragmatic, but it’ll have been built with my ingenuity and a touch of sweat.

It’ll be grand.


That’s it for the pics I’ve taken ad hoc this year. Nothing special but these random slices of the day are the spice in my life. Yup, it’s a mild stew but I’m Minnesotan born and bred … I don’t need a lot of drama and excitement.

Thanks for taking a peek at my little collage and I hope you have the time to reflect on the random and varied moments in your day.


One Response to “A scattering of pictures”

  1. Momma said

    Thanks for sharing the various parts of some of your recent days. I often wish I was more inclined to learn to use my camera to record sights that stop me in my tracks, often when just looking out my K window. The other day it felt just like I was looking at a huge “snapshot”, as my dad called them, as it was very late in the once sunny afternoon, that Quiet Time when not even a leaf quivers. I watched for quite a while, thinking that sooner or later something would have to move, but it felt like all the winds and breezes that are constantly moving across the planet had disappeared and I was left with this strange large picture, framed by the window, and made beautiful by the unusual light that arrives at this, my favorite, time of the day. Then at long last the little gauzy ribbon I tied to the clothesline pole (I’m the only one in the neighborhood that still has this item in my yard) – the little gauzy ribbon that lets me know the direction and the heft of the currents outside, let me release my gaze, with a little smile of satisfaction – it felt like a buddy out there, saying Hey! Mom

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