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Thanksgiving: The Joe Edition

Posted by joeabbott on November 27, 2014

imageI’m thankful for a lot of stuff; so much so that I have trouble getting my head around a reasonable approach to a general purpose “thanks”. I was going to detail the many ways in which I’m blessed and finish up with a meaningful nod to family and friends, but getting started is tough.

I was going to start with being thankful for my “stuff”, but when you have so much stuff  it’s hard to figure out how to approach a note about it, well … perhaps you have too much stuff.

So let’s short circuit this note to just the grist.

I’m not particularly patriotic, but one only needs a passing awareness of world news to be happy for the country I call home. For all its flaws and room for improvement, the personal liberties and opportunities allowed to me by making my home in the good old US of A cannot be understated. For this I’m thankful.

I’m indebted to a society that allows a guy like me from a lower middle-class family to find a way to a college education and into a job market that makes use of my skills and rewards me plentifully. I can almost guarantee that I work more hours than the next person (yes, even while on “vacation” I was keeping up on daily mail) and am a bully supporter of my company, but I’m rewarded in spades. For this I’m thankful.

While it’s likely more genetics than anything, especially when you consider the way I binge eat some treats, I’m thankful for my health and well-being. I have general aches and pains, over the last couple years I’ve lost the ability to sprint from a dead stop, I take more breaks on the trail, and I need a bit more sleep to get through the day. And yet, I try to sprint, I get out on the trail, and I can go-go-go the full day. For this I’m thankful.

I’d mentioned genetics and it’s only right to note that my family has long been a source of comfort and warmth; support that’s unwavering and while family is distant in miles, they’re always close in thoughts. As my brother noted once, a phone call is a pretty easy way to close those miles. For my family, I’m thankful.

And my extended family here in Seattle, Suzanne’s brothers, sister and in-laws, they’re constant color in the Seattle grey; their doors are always open to us, regular gatherings throughout the year are the norm, and those meetings are always happy events. For these people, I’m also thankful.

Finally I have to thank Suzanne for the life we’ve made together. We’re not the people we were when we started our relationship, there’s not a material thing in our lives that was with us those many years ago. A different home, different cars, even different cats … and yet one thing remains the same: I’d marry you again. For you being in my life, I’m thankful.

And that’s a pretty full list in anyone’s books, I’d wager. I could add a whole lot to this post and they’d still be meaningful: cats and friends and opportunities and rewards for the chances I’ve taken. All of these things are on my Thanksgiving list.

For all of this I’m thankful.


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving: The Joe Edition”

  1. momma said

    I’m thankful for a son like you, Joe. And for my other two sons and my three daughters – and the 8 grand-
    daughters and the grandson. And the three great grandsons. And all the mates they’ve brought into our family. My family is a constant source of joy and comfort to me, and more than worth all that I’ve put into being a good mother. And when I look out at all my friends, they too are good people, and we are all very very blessed in all ways. Momma

  2. The Wife said

    I’d marry you again too! Love you!

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