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I’m now a truck guy

Posted by joeabbott on October 26, 2014

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of a day: I got up at the usual 5AM and Suzy drove me to the bus stop in her Prius; I returned home that evening in a 2015 Toyota Tacoma access cab pickup truck. But it was the ride along the way that wore me out.

When I got in to work, I already had mail from the car broker (Marcee Hanan) we were working with: she found a truck that suited our specs and was in the process of getting it transferred to a local dealership. Most of the rest of the day, outside of work-work, was spent responding to the occasional email or answering a call, coordinating the sale and following up on what to do with my “trade-in”.

IMG_2482The problem with the sale was that the truck had been in transit to a different shop, hadn’t been sold, and was being rerouted to the business I’d ultimately be writing a check to. The problem with the trade-in is that trade-ins usually involve bringing a running vehicle to the dealership and we weren’t even sure my Saturn Vue would even make the trip. But, the flurry of mail and calls kept deals in motion and by the end of day, Roger from Kirkland Toyota picked me up and drove me to the dealership.

Roger’s an affable guy and while he’s been selling cars for over five years, he doesn’t have the pastiche of a car salesman … he’s more like your buddy. Conversation comes easy but you feel zero pressure to buy more or add-on additional features: he has confident answers and lets you make the call. I was happy to have him walk me through the process as I looked around the massive Toyota of Kirkland dealership and saw the stereotypical salesman personas: the guy in boots with a big belt buckle and Stetson hat smoothing his mustaches, the eager young guy hanging on my sleeve as I just looked at a motorcycle they had in the lobby (you like this? We can deal! Great price, eh? How’d you like to see yourself on this one? etc.), and then the paddock of open-shirt types with sport coats and slacks looking hungry and gauging the intent of the people they were with. Yup, I’m biased against that sort and all the more appreciative of Roger in his Seahawk jersey, cap, and down-to-earth attitude.

And yet, even though I showed up with checkbook in hand and the car of my choice waiting for me, I went through an hour and then some of paperwork and signing forms. While there was no pressure, or none that could get past my sentence-ending “no”, it was long and tiring. The forms I needed to sign to apply for a loan (the dealership’s protection for those showing up with checkbooks like me, but without the money in the bank to cover it), the bank person trying to convince me that taking on a loan at 4.4% really made great sense, and then the waiting while the car passed the inspections of this dealership and it being ready to be presented.

Ups and downs and changing speeds. Fatiguing.

Through it all, Suzy and I exchanged abbreviated text messages and, before I was on my way, we had agreed to dinner out and a shopping trip for some pantry necessities.

And so, after Roger walked me through the final details on the radio\Entune™ system, the mystery of finding my spare, and other basic operational goodies, I turned the key in the ignition and pulled slowly out of the stall. And, being on a rollercoaster, that’s exactly when something (perhaps a loose eyelash) got into my eye and I immediately had to stop and fiddle with my eyelid for 2-3 minutes while working out an unexpected and unexpectedly painful surprise. But then, through moderate Seattle traffic, I made my way home.

And so here I am, a new black pickup truck in my driveway and me now worrying about the firsts: the first dent, the first scratch, the first whatever. It’ll come and I can then stop worrying about being a new car owner and just continue the rollercoaster ride of being a pickup truck owner. No, make that pickup truck guy. That’ll be me.


One Response to “I’m now a truck guy”

  1. Jay said

    Nice ride Joeman!

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