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A box comes back

Posted by joeabbott on October 18, 2014

WP_20131119_010In November of last year (2013), I hurriedly made a box for my Uncle Joe. While it was made quickly, it came out well and (while I wasn’t there, it was related to me that) when he removed it from the mailing container he murmured the word, “exquisite”. While it’s the praise from a kindly and elderly uncle, I’ll take it.

Suzanne and I packed the box with various sweets for him: a few chocolate cigars and a few of his favorite Lindor chocolate truffles. I have no doubt he enjoyed the contents of the box as much as the box itself. But, I was also happy to hear that he kept a keen eye on the box, refilling it with candy treats and keeping it bedside or on a nearby shelf.

WP_20131119_015It was gratifying to be able to gift him something he enjoyed. We had given him any number of clothing items, knowing he’d respectfully put them on a shelf or in a closet saying as if to say, “when I need it, I know where to get it from.” And yet his needs were few and they remained unused. We took no umbrage, bore no hurt, but it challenged us to work harder to return to him a small measure of the generosity he bestowed on us. We ended up sending small bits of candies, food articles, or other comestibles … those he would enjoy. So the box was a bit of a dice toss and I appear to have come up box cars.

WP_20131119_016Sadly, the box didn’t share his company as long as I would have liked and, within a half year, it came back home with me after I flew out to pay my respects.

The box showed caring wear: a small dent on a corner where it’d dropped, mild water or some other stain from liquid, and the hurried finishing job I’d treated it to was thinning. So, I spent a bit of time sanding the sides, applying a bit of oil, and following up with some wax and now it will be mine for a time. I’ll use it to store some of the few items I have that had also been my Uncle Joe’s: his watch, a tie tack, a wallet with ID cards to his various associations. Other things may rest there until they find another place to be.

I was surprised to find I hadn’t previously posted pictures of the box, but I’ll rectify that now.

Thanks for dropping by.


One Response to “A box comes back”

  1. momma said

    So glad to see you share UJ’s much loved Box with others. It was always a joy, when I noted it was empty, to slip some chocolate treats in there before I left Virginia, and to note upon my return, that the box was empty once again. And sometimes it was not empty, but had other goodies in it from Joe and Suzy! It was a little game we played, and he loved showing it off to visitors. It always felt so smooth and beautiful to the touch, too. It gave him great joy, and what better thanks is that? I love that it now holds some of the few things in his life that were closest to him. He must be very happy to know that you are the Keeper of it, Joe. Momma

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