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Yes. Yes I am tired.

Posted by joeabbott on September 1, 2014

Anytime the weekend comes, my thoughts turn to posting a few words about the exploits of Joe and Suz. We see fun thing, we take the time to share the small world around us, and we engage in projects that I think are entertaining. All good stuff to share and catalog for the future.

This weekend I’m just tired.

I don’t often talk about work; I enjoy my job (and am liking it even more now for the great stuff I’m working on) but this is a “fun stuff I do and see” sort of blog. And yet my job is taking up more and more of my time. It’s in part due to some expanding responsibilities but also because I have a number of days off … and my job sorta allows me time off as long as I get the work I’d normally do done ahead of time or catch up when I get back. That’s not 100% true, and yet it feels like it is.

So, I’ve been getting in early, working late, and putting in a lot of weekend time. Just this past Friday I worked late and, as I was wrapping up and prepping for the long Labor Day weekend, I got a message asking for help and ended up working a lot of Saturday and intermittently through Sunday. Last night it looks like we nailed it, though, so I should have today (Labor Day) off. That’s nice but when Suzy asked if I wanted to grill our burgers yesterday, I had to say “no” and while I worked upstairs, she made dinner.

I’m mostly tired because I was fretting. I’m a very poor worrier and avoid the problems associated with it by not worrying most of the time. And yet, Friday night I went to bed with too many work issues on my mind and awoke at 2:30AM unable to sleep; I tossed and turned a bit before heading downstairs to read and attempt to doze off. It didn’t work, and so, at 4AM, I drove into the office.

Stuff like that make for a bit of fatigue.

So, as I sit at my keyboard today, no work on the daily horizon, I am too tired to talk about the modifications we’re making to the small bridge we have in our backyard, too dulled of sense to detail the small bike-ride we got in yesterday, and will let the story of my annual hike with some old friends wait for another day. OK … one photo from yesterday’s bike ride:


Suzy is one of the small dots out below the pier by the water. Me? I was by the bikes, watching my phone for work mail to come in …

I am getting some rest in, but mostly playing video games. I’ve finished a DLC to Skyrim that I started a couple years back and I’m putting my toes into the water that is Dark Souls … a game that is challenging and you die a lot. A real LOT. It’s just part of the game. And then there was an end-of-summer sale on The Wolf Among Us; an episodic Telltale game that’s won a lot of awards and is more story telling than actual gameplay. All fun. All diverting. All letting me rest up a bit.

I’m certain I’ll get back on the blog-writing horse again, and soon. Too many fun things in the wings to just sit here and play games, but until I’m a bit more rested, that’s what I’ll do.

Thanks for dropping in.


One Response to “Yes. Yes I am tired.”

  1. momma said

    Sleep. And if all else fails, there’s also chocolate (and a lot of it really good, from Seattle & also See’s!) Momma

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