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Day 11 of 11: the last leg

Posted by joeabbott on July 9, 2014

4400 miles, about 165 gallons of gasoline, and 11 days on the road. Helluva trip.

While I’ve said “Minnesota will always be home”, there’s this other place that has all my stuff, a couple cats I care for, and where I do a lot of living of my life. We’ll call that home, too.


The Plan

The plan was simple: fill up with petrol and keep driving until we pulled into the driveway. We weren’t that hell-bent on getting back, but there was nothing to cause us to stop before we got home, other than for either getting more gas or stretching the legs. And, if we did things right, we could be home before dark … heck, we might be home for a late lunch!

We had 476 miles to travel today and estimated it would take 7.5 hours.

And that’s what happened

The trip was uneventful and made quicker for old landmarks: Missoula, MT is very near the Idaho border, so crossing into a new state gave the impression of progress. Then with just 65 miles or so before Washington, we hit another milestone early. After that, you come across Spokane in a jiff and from there, Moses Lake … a town we’ve visited often to see Suzy’s family. With Moses Lake in the rearview mirror, we crossed into Western Washington around 1PM and then hit early Friday rush hour traffic.

And then … well, then it was home.

We have no pictures from the last leg but a few from when we got in. Suzy and I greeted our pets, walked the yard, saw that the house-sitter (our nephew) had done an absolutely awesome job keeping everyone happy, and we breathed contented breaths.

Suzy snapped pictures of her garden, we both unloaded the car, and we put our life back on rails to normalcy. It was a great trip but it was good to be home.

P1060740P1060741P1060777Summer 2014 174

2014-06-27 19.21.512014-06-27 18.52.332014-06-27 18.52.25

In my words

I clearly wrote this before leaving the hotel in Missoula and didn’t pick up the pen after we got home. No chronicles from the day but, as I recall, it went smoothly and without hiccups.

Day 11

And now the drive home.

We started our trip with lots of rain in Glacier National Park and finished it in light rains in Yellowstone National Park. We just have 400 or so miles between here and home.

We had breakfast and will now finish our packing and then get home – about 7 hours of driving. The last leg.


2 Responses to “Day 11 of 11: the last leg”

  1. momma said

    It’s nice to see that your trip ended so nicely, and everything at home was in order. I liked seeing the photos of the car innards, the pins and brochures you picked up along the way. A nice record from a nice trip. Everyone was telling me how much they enjoyed having you here with the family at still another wedding. And now there’s the 3rd one (or 4th, if we count Chantal and Tom’s, which I guess we’d better do!)
    I’m trying to remember the name of that movie – was it three weddings and a funeral, or four ? Well, that’s us. Plus a burial. Plus a house sale. O Lordy, what a summer it’s been! Momma

  2. joeabbott said

    The movie was Four Wedding and a Funeral ( and, if I include the weddings I’ve come home for recently (or will be), that makes four: Beth, Naomi, Chelsea, Sarah. I forgot Chantal’s but guess I didn’t fly home for it, either.

    Yes, it was a busy year with most of it in the last few months. Looking forward to some boredom. 😉

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