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Day 5 of 11: Wedding

Posted by joeabbott on July 3, 2014

It was less than 10 miles between our hotel and the location of the wedding but we drove there and back twice: first, earlier in the day to make sure we knew how to get there; and later to attend the event. Otherwise, there was no driving! Bliss.


The plan

We were up late but I still managed to arise before 7AM or so. The habits of being an “early morning” guy for a lot of years. Still, I felt a bit crummy and was slow to get moving. Suzy joined me and we headed to a breakfast at the hotel.

We met up with various family units through a long breakfast, first eating by ourselves, then joining my niece and her family, and finishing up with my cousin and hers.

We had no plans for the morning: I was chuffed at our decision to get the chest the day before and wasn’t going to let my current exhaustion detract from that achievement. Suzy and I then drove to the wedding grounds, back to the hotel, and then I napped until it was time to get ready for the wedding.

Call it a waste of the morning … I had wanted to go out and explore Otsego and walk around the Mississippi … but it felt good to me.

The wedding

The wedding was simple in all ways: a simple ceremony, a simple meal, and simple entertainment. Simply beautiful, that is!!

My niece was marrying her beau and had her sister officiate the ceremony. There was a lot of love and while they were marrying in an open meadow, it made the event intimate and touching.

The food was BBQ and I couldn’t get enough. Well, I guess I got enough to the detriment of others. Sorry for being piggy … it was delish! And, no, no one left hungry … there was more to be had for those who wanted it!

imageP1060290P1060299Summer 2014 087

As for the entertainment, the grounds she was married at was a demonstration farm so we could walk the various buildings, play games they’d set up, or attend to the favorite pastime: Hammerschlagen. It was hot and Suzy picked up a bit of a burn; at night the Minnesota mosquitoes were out and we got some bites, but for those who stayed late, the lighting and launching of the lanterns was your reward.

Summer 2014 099P1060352Summer 2014 100P1060356

In my words

I got up (from my nap) and started preparing. As always, I am ready in a jiffy. I noted my pants fit somewhat tighter than I’d hoped they would, but cinched and tucked and pushed until all was looking acceptable.

… We knew it would be hot, and it was.

The wedding was at an old farm-type area: chapel, blacksmith shop, wood saw mill, covered seating area, and a bunch more. Suzy looked great in red and black but the sun was merciless. She endured well, as always.

Suzy and I shared ourselves around, enjoying lots of chat. At one point Jay helped me to fit the chest we’re taking home into the backseat of the car. It went in easily.

After the lighting of the lanterns, we bid farewell and took our sunburned, mosquito-bitten selves back to the hotel.


One Response to “Day 5 of 11: Wedding”

  1. momma said

    Since I had a bit of a melt down (ie., exhaustion) and felt unable to participate in the day’s wonderful adventures, it’s nice to hear your version of the day, and enjoy the photos. I also enjoyed seeing you “driving” the Greyhound Bus at their museum (and hope UJ got the satisfaction of seeing it, too!) and also fun to see Suzy and you and the Big Truck at the Mine in the Sky viewpoint outside Virginia! thanks for documenting these things, Joe. Momma

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