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Typical Saturday

Posted by joeabbott on May 25, 2014

imageIn December I detailed my experience with my Fitbit … a fun bracelet-type pedometer. It tracks steps and kept me aware of my activity throughout the day; a good companion but the battery in mine failed, Twice. And, as an enclosed unit, my only recourse was to send it back. I opted to just stop using it and was about to toss it. Before I did, I plugged it in again and, what do you know, it started charging. So, as long as it continues to work, I’ll wear it.

Yesterday morning I took a hike in the morning and then, the rest of the day, lolled about. The chart to the right shows the hike up … the first clumped band of tall bars between 8 and 10AM … and the hike down … the second clump from 11-noon. Interestingly, it considers my faster pace on the way down as evidence of more “calories burned” than the slower (but much more taxing) hike on the way up. I’m not sure a Fitbit is tuned to appreciate the difference in terrain but knowing the story behind the day, this one seems a bit off.

The hike was to a local peak with the name Bandera Mountain. It’s a minor summit of little merit and in climbing journals scarcely merits a motation. For all intents, a hiker’s destination and a modest one at that.

imageYou start just over 2000’ in elevation and end up at about 5200’. Due to the snow and my lack of including traction devices (e.g., crampons or Yaktrack-style footwear), we stopped at the spot known as Little Bandera, the 5157’ unnamed bump on the map.

The “we” in that sentence above is a couple of my friends and me. One of them, Heath, is really getting into hiking and he’s shown a strong interest in climbing. He’s kitting himself out with all the right gear and putting in the time on the weekends to gain experience and build endurance and cardiovascular strength. How I remember those weekends I spent in the hills, eager to get out the next weekend.

But, I’m lazy, older, or just have other interests to keep me busy, like the trip to the quarry for a bit more stone. After the summit and trek down the trail … where we saw a LOT of folks as they headed up … I stopped by Marenakos for a bit more rock.

I’ve talked about Marenakos in these pages a number of times and, most recently, a few weeks back when detailing our stone stairway project. It turned out that our stairway was short a few risers. The stairs are mainly complete but without risers to block off some of the earth where we cut away the hillside, small stones and rocks are falling onto the treads. And, with both Suzy and I susceptible to the occasional twisted ankle, we like to keep those clear.

Anyhow, I dropped by the quarry and picked up about 200# of stone; enough, I hope, to call it done. Unfortunately, the specific shapes of stone I was looking for weren’t in obvious availability, and I ended up getting stones I believe I’ll have to shape. I’m no stone mason, so it’ll be interesting to see how that project goes.

When I got home with the stones and finished unpacking my car from damp boots and sweaty gear, I lacked the energy to do more than toss the stones out of my car and to a nearby patch of grass. They will sit there until I drag them up the hill and finish the steps; something I plan on doing this Memorial Day weekend, but we shall see if the weather cooperates.

Upon entering the house, Suzy had it turned perhaps not upside down, but definitely on end. She was a cleaning dervish and I tried to stay out of the way. I made myself some eggs and toast (had I mentioned how delighted I am to have my chickens laying lots of eggs again?) and enjoyed that meal out on the deck. After I was done, I caught up on email and then wondered what I had the energy and interest to do.

It was about 3PM and I felt like either taking a nap or playing some games on the Xbox, but neither seemed like the 3PM on Saturday thing to do. And, with Suzy doing so much around the house (she had just “spot-cleaned”, I was told) I felt guilty just napping the day away. And so I stated that I’d take a run to do a bit of shopping.

An hour or so later when I got back, I noted that I didn’t have the directions to the store I was looking for, got turned around, found myself angry, and opted for driving quiet back roads to calm myself and wind down my day. It was unproductive, but I avoided raging for my lapse. Easy come, easy go. It was a holiday weekend and we could get to the store another time.

As you can see from the activity graph above, I then put the Fitbit aside to charge and forgot about it the rest of the day. But what I did with the rest of the day wasn’t very energetic anyhow. I ended up looking at my climbing stuff and deciding I needed to build an organizer. And so, I started with my little sketch of the space I’ll be filling and am planning my next building project.

And that was my day. I’ll end with a shot from the hike off Bandera and, yes, this was pretty much the view the entire day: we were hiking in clouds. Some hikes you take for the enjoyment and beauty, and hikes like yesterday were about sharing time with friends and a bit of exercise.


Thanks for dropping by and sharing a bit of time.


One Response to “Typical Saturday”

  1. momma said

    Stone mason now, hmm? ‘Twas nice to spend the day with you here, Joe. You do a lot of heavy lifting…
    I also revisited the cottonwood take-down… amazing.
    And ‘enjoyed seeing the little cranes. She did a nice little green bird, too. I used to be able to do that, but can no longer do it. I have a little box I put out at Christmastime, and if anyone pries it open, they’ll find two tiny little cranes in there… 🙂 Momma

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