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Long time no post

Posted by joeabbott on May 17, 2014

Over the past few weeks I’ve written a number of posts but I just haven’t shared them out. They were as good as any other post I’d written … which means I’ll take a second glance for typos but not much more … but I felt the tone was a bit down. Not my usual style. Well, time has done its thing and I’m slowly bobbing to the surface, taking in air and feeling better about the thoughts rustling about my head during the quiet periods in the day.

Not that I’ve had that many. Not many quiet periods, that is.

imageOver the past few weeks, the weather here in Seattle turned from incredibly rainy to the wonderfully gorgeous days you get here in summer. Although it’s still May! Today the weather is telling me it’s still spring and I can expect rain, but during the hot (over 80°F!) days, I enjoyed firing up the grill, taking in the backyard, and relaxing on the deck. I spent an afternoon or two tending the yard, replaced a door panel on my car, and (with a lot of Suzy’s help) planted three tress in the yard.

At work things went a “pear shaped”, using a euphemism I hear about the halls for when things go badly. And it wasn’t bad in any real sense: just busy as heck. I have put in three weekends of serious work over the past month and many long days to boot. It’s labor I enjoy, but just takes a lot of the day away from free time to do other things.

The one constant in my life has been the daily touch points with Suzy and my gaming. Each morning I get up for work about 5:15AM. And, each morning after washing up and getting dressed, I’ll leave our bedroom after giving Suz a smooch on the cheek. Have done this for the many years of our relationship. Even when we’ve gone to bed cross with each other, it’s a constant. We then share one or two emails during the day and then meet up on the other end of the day. A couple days a week we head to the gym together; the others we’ll share a meal. If she’s cooking we have “real food”, if I’m at the helm we eat something like grilled burgers, grilled cheese, or soup. One day I picked up a roast chicken and mixed up some processed mashed potatoes I’d picked up to take hiking but never did. Maybe a salad. We do sit together, we set the table and we don’t watch TV. Time for us to be together; a shared part of our lives.

imageOn the gaming side, I have decided it’d be fun to string along the number of days I complete Xbox achievements. Right now I am at something like 68 days in a row having completed some gaming accomplishment. I can tell it’s a bit wearing as I’ve started reporting to Suzy: I’ve completed my achievement for the day. Meaning, I can do something other than sit in front of the game machine and play around. I enjoy it, but (for me) it takes planning to find games that allow me to get and achievement in a timely fashion. I’m not sure if I’m gunning for 100 days or what, but at nearly 70 days running, I am a bit tickled with my tally. We’ll keep it going a bit longer.

So, what next?

This weekend has modest goals. For me, it’s to avoid work-work … the term I use for my job … and relax. I’ll walk to the train and head into Seattle; from there I’ll walk to the REI store and pick up a new pair of boots. This past summer I was on a hike and had terribly wet feet and I want to avoid that. Depending on weather, I may do some more yard work, I see our backyard is looking shaggy again; and if not that, something in the garage will keep me busy. As I said, modest goals.

I’ll post again soon and include details on some of the more interesting projects from the past month or so: the tree we had removed, the car door panel I installed. There’s been some good stuff and I look forward to having a chance to share it.

Thanks for dropping by.


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