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Last day of 2013

Posted by joeabbott on December 31, 2013

Today’s the last day of 2013, so what will it hold for me? Well, it was 4AM when I got up, so I’d like to believe I’ll get in a nap! I awoke and found that I was busy thinking about my cabinet project and unable to rest so I arose and got some blogging out of the way. I will probably grab another hour or so rest before breakfast but then I do have a lot to accomplish!


On the cabinet today I’d like to finish the vertical wall dadoes. That’s an aggressive goal but I think it’s doable: I just need to find a method I’m happy with and stick to it. I have a center slot that will go from front lip to the back on both the top and bottom. With the new router bit I got yesterday, this should be a snap. After that, I have four inner wall dadoes; these will be more tricky.


On the bottom, the slot will have to end 3” shy of the front edge. While the router blade will give me a rounded end to the dado, where it stops 3” shy of that front lip I’ll need to square it off with a chisel. On the sub-top, I’ll have a stopped dado on both the front and the back! The front edge will stop shy just like the bottom: to allow the sliding doors to pass before them; on the back I’m stopping short as I have cut out a notch for the electrical cords.

I don’t have to square the top slots because they won’t be seen; I can just extend the dado a bit. I probably will square them just to give me practice and because it’ll look like I’m a woodworker, and not some mass-produced get-it-done-quick sorta outfit.

That may be as much as I’ll have time to do.

Evening Prep

The light in our front room is pretty bad. There’s no fixed lighting, so we work with what lamps we have (just one with a 40W bulb) or what can spill in from the entry or the dining area; not much. Which means my work time ends around 4-4:30. As Suzy won’t be home until about 6PM, I should be able to get in a nap sometime late afternoon. Yay!

But, we’re bringing food for tonight’s festivities so I’ll have to start heating it up: ribs! Yes, we made ribs for tonight’s party a day early and will need to warm them up for the gathering. We’re meeting at Suzy’s sister’s new home and I goaded her husband into trying his hand at ribs. Not sure why, but I thought ribs sounded grand and encouraged him to put them on the evening menu after they agreed to host … it’ll be a combination New Year’s Eve/housewarming party.

Suzy thought it awfully impertinent for me to demand a specific food, much less ribs, so we headed to the store and picked up a couple racks so we could bring some along and help defray the time/cost/effort. She has a great recipe that gives tender and delicious ribs, so I’m happy we can contribute.

When Suzy gets in we’ll take the long drive to their home, deliver some foods, a couch we no longer need, and see their new place while ringing in the New Year!

That’s it

Well, over the last month I’ve spewed a ton of words: nearly a post a day and on a couple days I posted multiple times. Sorry for being so wordy but after the long dry spell while we were teeing up the Xbox One release, I didn’t have much time to put into a regular blog; guess I just had a lot of writing building up. I’ll try to avoid dry spells but we’ll see what work allows.

Thanks for following along and we’ll see you in 2014!


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