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Thought of the Month

Posted by joeabbott on December 30, 2013

My mother and I approach life very differently in many respects but we’ve always had a strong, respectful relationship. My hard science interests and quick judgments stand in stark contrast to her more “New Age” outlook and tolerant approach to people and life. While there are many examples of how these differences play out, I’m somewhat uncomfortable with a scene from one of her visits to Seattle: we were on the Piers (the Seattle waterfront) and a man approached her trying to sell, buy, or enact some other scam (or so I believe). My mother was taken aback at having her thoughts interrupted on the sidewalk and was attempting to focus on the man and understand what it was she could do for him; I, however, tugged my mother’s sleeve and pushed past the man, dismissing the situation.

I say that was an uncomfortable situation as, to my thinking, this was the right thing to do, but I appreciate that there’s much I don’t know and can’t learn by pushing past people and dismissing them. Sometimes the right thing to do is to stop and listen. One of the many ways my mother and I differ.

That is a prolix way of introducing a series of topics my mother sent to her children and select others. In the spirit of her sharing with us, I’m passing it on to any readers who might come across this blog and spend the time to read it. Over the course of 2013, my mother sent a regular “Thought of the Month”. It was something inspired by one of her friends and asked that, each month, you spend a little time focusing on a special topic: the Thought of the Month. And, over the course of the year you’d be exposed to changing your life in small ways that might make a big difference.

While these bite-sized nuggets might best be digested as monthly Thoughts, I’m turning them into a sermon of sorts and sharing them as a whole. Some months I had an easier time than others, but all were appreciated; I kept the Thought in my mail inbox to ensure I could reference it often during the month.

  • January – Find the good
  • February – Stay strong
  • March – Enjoy the little things
  • April – Be a blessing to someone today
  • May – Make wise decisions
  • June – Enjoy summer and all its gifts
  • July
    • 1 – Every day this month do something positive toward your good health.
    • 2 – Since the other event on my mind this month is – a trip to Paris! – I am reminding everyone to always keep your minds open to being amazed!
  • August – Count your blessings
  • September – 10% of who we are is what happens to us; 90% is how we react to it
  • October – Look people in the eye – and be the first to say Good Morning/Hello.
  • November – Persistence
  • December – Amp down your busy heads and amp up your hearts, and keep them open all month long.

A goodly collection of simple but powerful messages. Find one and let it change your outlook, take them all and change your life. Good stuff.

Thanks, Mom.


One Response to “Thought of the Month”

  1. Jay said

    Thanks for summarizing this Joe!!

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