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Posted by joeabbott on December 20, 2013

DCRs are Design Change Requests, and I had one come in yesterday.

Suzy and I were talking about the progress and kicking a few things around when I mentioned that we had the option of change the spacing of the sections if we wanted … we just needed to act quick. See, it was still bugging me that we would have to store some of our stuff in the crawl space (where we have it now) even after completing this cabinet. The whole purpose of the cabinet was to provide our kitchen some much needed relief from all the specialty pots, pans, books, etc. that we’re amassing … and to think we still wouldn’t have the space! Hard to wrap my head around.

Or, in this specific case, the space we were building (and had designed) wasn’t suited to do the job.

Well, I brought it up and Suzy had probed on this detail earlier but we hadn’t closed. The main deal breaker for me was not being able to understand how to build the sliding doors to accommodate a cabinet that had different sized interior spaces. Suzy’s solution: don’t change the doors at all.

She didn’t care if the door wasn’t the exact size of the cabinet storage space behind it. And with that pressure relieved, we had some options open up.

From the top down, this is what the cabinet spacing looks like in the initial design:


Because the storage spaces are less than 24”, we can’t store some of our extra items inside. However, we’re considering making this change:


Here’s another option:



Option A gives the center bay of each side a much bigger space; Option B makes the center space fairly small but gives more larger space areas. In the A and B pictures I’ve mocked in how the sliding doors would look.

I’m still kicking around this change and not quite sure how we’ll go, but I think we are heading down the path of making a minor update so we can store all our stuff upstairs. Stay tuned, more to come!


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