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And then there was an “oh oh” moment

Posted by joeabbott on December 20, 2013

I hopped onto the computer this morning to update the cabinet model and to see just what size to make those internal sections (see this previous post for the debate) and, on a lark, thought to consider my cut-list of parts. I’d already started ripping pieces and parts, so I wondered what was left.

And then I got a sinking feeling: would the four panels of plywood I have be enough?

Out of each panel of plywood I got the sub-bottom, bottom, sub-top, or top and had a 2×4 sheet left over from each. But would 4-2×4 sheets give me all the lumber I needed to cover the toe-kick, make the internal panels, and doors?! YIKES!

After a bit of frenzy I realized that the doors would primarily be strand plywood … and I have two full sheets of that to work from. As would the top … this allowed me to reclaim 3/4 of a sheet more of the VG from my mental stockpile. I’d still need to edge band both the doors and top, though.

In all, I’m short enough VG plywood that I’ll need to buy another sheet. I worked to avoid this (it’s expensive stuff) but ultimately I’d be making too many sacrifices on a piece of furniture that will be a standout addition to the room. To make sure I absolutely was sure everything would be covered, I created a cut list … something I should have done earlier. And, from the four panels that we already have, I rough cut (~1/8” oversize) all these parts.

Cut list

imageThe green rectangles are the end and center vertical walls. As the walls will be 1.5” thick and I’m using 3/4” plywood, I need two for each wall. The outer end pieces will remain whole\rectangles; the inner center wall (which I’m also color-coding as an “end piece”) will have a 3”x6” slot cut out of the back upper corner to allow power cords to pass behind it.

The light blue rectangles are the inner vertical walls. Because I need to have about 3” between the front edge of these panels and the front edge of the cabinet (to allow the sliding doors to pass before), they’re a bit shorter than the end vertical walls. All of the inner vertical walls will also have a 3”x6” slot cut into the upper back corner for power cords.

Otherwise all vertical wall parts (end, center, and inner) are 18.25” tall.

Of the other parts, there are paired yellow, orange, and red half-panel sections and quarter-panel sections. That is, there’s a red half- and quarter-panel, an orange half- and quarter-panel, and a yellow half- and quarter-panel.

These will butt up against each other to form the sub-bottom, bottom, and sub-top sections.

So what remains of the VG that is causing me to buy another panel? As you can see, there’s still “brown” parts left, which represents unclaimed material.

Well, I need the toe kick, which is 3.5”x~14’ (yes, that’s 14 feet); then there’s the edge banding of the top, which will be 4”x~14’; and finally there are the edge bands for each of the six doors, which will roughly be 2”x17” for each side … which comes out to a rough panel of 4”x102”.

I’ll try my best to get those parts that I can out of the material that remains, but I’m finding that I’m just short and I don’t have a contiguously long piece for the top edge band … which should be as long as possible to avoid visible joints. I’m a bit disappointed but surrendering to the fact that I need more VG. So, back to the lumber store, back to pulling out my wallet, back to not completing work on the actual cabinet. Bah.

As far as setbacks go, this was an easy one, but one that calls to mind that my planning wasn’t complete. I’ll head out now to get the lumber and probably won’t be cutting more material or working on the installation until tomorrow. We’ll catch up again then. Thanks for dropping in!


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