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Posted by joeabbott on December 19, 2013

imageToday I start cutting wood for the cabinet project.

I’ve been talking and planning and modeling things so long now, that to most it’s about time. But, for me, when I start cutting lumber, the project really starts and today’s the day.

I set Suzy’s expectation that I’d be going slow … that’s just how I do things. Today I’ll pull out the trim and set in the base. I’ll make sure all the parts are level and not gappy and mark all the stud locations on the wall for easy reference. I’ll probably use tape so things clean up easily. If I’m really cruising, I may get in the base plate facing and then the sub-bottom layer. For me, that’s cruising.

The sub-bottom layer will be important because it means I’m now setting the tone for the depth of the cabinet. While it’ll be 24”, per plan, sheets of plywood are pretty much 48” exactly and when I finish taking a cut with my saw, I’ll lose about 1/8” due to the width of the saw blade. If this were a birdhouse, no one would care; as it’s furniture in our home (permanent furniture in our home), I have to start caring. A lot.

For practiced woodworkers this would be a non-issue. For a guy who has a busy desk job, plays a lot of video games, and considers hiking\climbing his main hobby … well, it’s now an issue. I’m informed enough to know I have to care, but I need to execute on that concern.

All of this is <blah blah blah> for most folks but it’s on my mind and consuming what we call in the business world as “cycles”. Or, it’s time I’m spending doing something … which, in this case, that something is “worrying”. I’ll give it a couple hours to warm up a bit (it turned quite cold last night … below freezing) and then head to the garage to start cutting.

Wish me luck.


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