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Posted by joeabbott on December 17, 2013

ChickenOnMyHeadWhile on my month-long vacation, I had a couple of plans: unwind, enjoy the holidays, catch up on tons of little projects, and finish a major project. Additionally, I wanted to blog daily to keep track of my progress and avoid getting to the end of my time off wondering, “where did the time go?” By blogging daily, I’d be able to know where the time went … I’d just have to read my blog!

Unfortunately, I’m finding that doing any sort of writing that approaches quality requires time, and I really hadn’t planned on that!

Most posts that track my day-to-day activities are quick enough, but I tend to go into too much detail, which makes them long. Then I like to let them sit a while and come back to them, re-reading, correcting, adding pictures, etc. It just takes time.

I’m not sure what that means exactly. I think it’ll amount to less getting done from the “tons of little projects” work: I’m picking up steam on the major project, happy with the balance I’m placing on my gaming (although I’m spending way less time at the console than I thought I would), and I have enough of the must-do projects completed that I’m now into the B-list … the items that if they waited a bit longer, that’s fine.

This won’t make much of a post but something that’s been nagging at me and I wanted to capture. I guess just a note to my future self when I reread my blog wondering where the time went, I’ll have a reminder that blogging takes time and I need to account for that when I make plans.


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