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You did what on Day One?

Posted by joeabbott on December 11, 2013

imageAs I noted yesterday, today would be the first official day of my vacation or, better put, I now had no business on the work campus so I could focus on enjoying my time away. Unfortunately, in my cruising around the web, I found information on Microsoft Store specials through December and today was “free phone day”!

To be clear, they were offering the Nokia Lumia 1020, a phone with a 41 megapixel camera, for $99 but free to the first 20 people in line. That detail stuck in my head and I found myself awake at 4AM wondering if it wasn’t time to replace the phone I had with a bite taken out if it. As documented here, I bit my phone (I put it in my mouth when my hands were full and bit down a bit too hard) and cracked the surface. The phone works, but the crack has always disappointed me.

imageWas now the time to replace the phone?

Well, I got up at 4AM, shuffled around a bit, and finally headed out to a somewhat local mall to await the Microsoft Store opening. As I got to the store around 5:30AM, it meant waiting 2.5 hours for doors to be cast aside; fortunately, they allowed us to wait inside.

For the majority of time, there were 5 or so of us in line, but that number swelled to ~20 when the doors finally opened. I chatted a bit but mostly read magazines as my tablet decided it was time to peg the disk i/o and leave me with exceptionally poor responsiveness. I’ll avoid using a slow or bad tool (in this case, my laptop/tablet) rather than suffer at every keystroke.

imageWhen the store opened and I was ushered in, my discussion was short. There appeared to be no way I could get a new phone and swap it into my current plan. I would have been happy to have it reset my 2-year agreement but that wasn’t an option. The only alternative for getting the “free” phone would have been to take on a 2-year agreement at ~$40 a month. Not at all inline with an option I’d entertain, I thanked the man for his time and turned around and walked out.

A bit of a bummer, that, but I’ll drop in to a nearby AT&T store sometime and ask just what the heck agreement I’d signed and take better notes on my options.

Upon getting home I crawled into bed and took in a few Zs. While I still have the day before me, I feel it’s somehow “ruined”. A good chunk of it has been erased. I’m not one for standing in lines for potential “good deals” and this just underlines one of my reasons: I’m not smart enough to take advantage of them. Next time I’m sleeping in!


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