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Posted by joeabbott on December 8, 2013

It’s interesting keeping a daily to-do and comparing that against the “to-done”. My list was short and indulgent with a massage but I still didn’t complete all the items I’d set out to do!

imageFor breakfast I had a freezer sandwich, compliments of Jimmy Dean (somewhat of a rarity, that move), I got my workout at the Y and showed up for what turned out to be an excellent massage. While work had been tough, I thought I’d be loose and smooth as butter with the last couple days off, but my practitioner found lots of knots and kinks to work out.

After that, the day sorta fell apart.

imageSuzy and I ran errands, which was to do some light shopping then head home. We didn’t get in until 3PM and by that time I wanted a nap. I was up early that morning so I didn’t fight it and ended up sleeping 2 hours. When I got up, Suzy was processing some lavender she grows in the backyard and dries in her potting shed. It’s easy work and I get to chat with her, so I sat by her side and plucked the buds from the lavender stems. Throw in some laundry and a little cleanup, and it was dinner time.

imageWe had leftovers (a couple of ribs each from a prior night at a local BBQ … along with some steamed potatoes and a small spinach salad), I cleaned up afterwards, and we started in on watching the next movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I like the second movie as it introduces characters I like (Eomer, Wormtongue … each for different reasons) but also introduces some alterations from the book that I find interesting (e.g., Faramir taking Frodo and Sam to Osgiliath). It’s a rollicking good tale and a nice telling.

And that ended the day, save this short update. I wanted to play some Xbox but my cats were being jerks (yowling to go out, fighting each other) so I shuttered myself here, found I wasn’t really interested in gaming, and tied up one last detail in this post.

Tomorrow (later today?) we plan on doing a walking-shopping trip downtown. We’ll walk to the train, take it into Seattle, walk to a few stores, and head home. I’m sure I’ll want another nap but figure the more likely plan will be to get our address labels worked out for the holiday cards before settling in for the last movie in the trilogy. Not a bad weekend but I sure hope to make time for the lighted chicken sooner or later!


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