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A day in the life: the first day of my month-long vacation

Posted by joeabbott on December 6, 2013

To say shipping Xbox One has been challenging is a bit of an understatement. Lots of long hours, lots of coordination, ensuring communication is crisp, and marching the team along on a plan to execute on schedule all took effort and intellectual horsepower, but mostly hours on site, in meetings, and on email. Having been with Microsoft for a good long time, I get a good lot of vacation time: 200 hours per year, to be exact. However, I didn’t get much time to take that vacation this year. Yup, I snuck out on several long weekends but ultimately ended up with 16 days worth of vacation that I needed to use by 12/31 or lose.

imageSo, with the upcoming observed holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day), I’m in a position to be off of work from today until after the New Year. Can I get a “hell yeah!”?

Hell yeah!!

imageWhile there’s a certain amount of lolling about I plan on doing, I also want to knock out a few projects. I will get back to blogging (lots of good stories to share!). I will do some woodworking projects. And I will get out on a hike. I don’t plan on hyper-scheduling 30 days of time off, but I will keep track of the time.

I recently took off the Thanksgiving week (Mon-Wed … many US businesses observe both Thursday and Friday as holiday) and I don’t feel I have much to show for it.

I had wanted to do on that weekend what I’m doing now: having a lot of projects to address and getting them done. Instead I took a couple days to deal with car maintenance issues, another few days decorating the yard and house for the holidays, and a couple more days laid up sick. Arguably productive and yet not a single project off the list!

I’m just a touch under the weather from my recent illness but I do plan on knocking out the following “projects” today:

  • Straighten my office (see picture of the clutter above)
  • Clean up the garage (see massive clutter in picture to the right)
  • Adjust the timers on some outdoor decorations
  • Adjust the timers on the chicken coop automatic door and lights
  • Light our “chicken” decoration (more on this later)
  • Start my list of projects for the rest of the month

Not a prodigious amount of work but a nice bit of knocking away the clutter stopping me from being truly productive. Oh, add to that list “finish my post on go-kart driving”! And with that, I thank you for dropping in and plan to be a more frequent visitor myself.


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