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Word of the week Photo Challenge: Entropy

Posted by joeabbott on April 6, 2013

EntropyThis week’s word is Entropy (for those forgetting what this is about, please see and I was getting pretty tired of folks posting pictures of peeling paint and rusting metal. Not that those things aren’t fine examples of entropy (def: the tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity), but I prefer another definition: a measure of the disorder that exists in a system.

The very definition of my desk at home and my workbench in the garage!

I very consciously try to put things away after I use them, but I have so many projects going on at any one point that things just tend to get a bit messy. Upstairs in my office, the main culprits are receipts and other stuff to file; in the garage it’s more projects to complete.

But I do get stuff done!

Just today I:

  • Replaced some rechargeable batteries in a solar lamp (I had to sand off the contacts as there was a bit of corrosion … entropy! … present)
  • Built a small perch/step for our new chickens to use to hop up to a taller roost
  • Finished carving the handle for a spatula (the old handle broke)

But, for each project I start, there seem to be a couple others that arise from it:

  • I now have another set of batteries to put away … and four more solar lanterns to investigate and repair (I want to see if I was successful on the one I fixed today but need to wait on a sunny day to see if the fix worked)
  • Suzy mentioned that instead of a single step for the chickens, she’s prefer a small “ladder” roost … allowing the hens multiple levels to roost on and the ability to get away from pecks from alpha hen wannabes
  • The handle of the spatula is carved but is now “soaking” in mineral oil to ensure it has a solid coat/finish

And so, there are a lot of things on my to-do list and the entropy in my life continues to hold at a high state.

How’s entropic is your life?


3 Responses to “Word of the week Photo Challenge: Entropy”

  1. Hey Joe, that photo speaks to me!! 🙂

    I’m much the same… I try to put things away after using them. I do have a thorough clean-up after each project but, it doesn’t last long and I’m soon unable to use my bench again. I also have several projects on the go at one time. Many lie unfinished for months and, along with all the excess ‘stock’ wood I have lying around, it all adds to the kind of clutter that puts me off heading out to the workshop sometimes.

    My bedroom’s not a lot different but, especially at this time of the year, I find it easier to spend time in here sorting through things as it’s mostly warm and dry all year round.

    • joeabbott said

      Haha! Hey, Olly! Love the posts you’ve been putting up about your walking and hikes. I should probably reply more on your site but love it. Interestingly, you pointed out a sign that had a unique construction: it had a through tenon in the post with pegs holding the sign. I’d used that very same joint in a gate I built a few years back:

      And, I have to say your shop looks a lot more proper than mine: I have too many faucet parts, magnets, hinges, pulls, nuts, bolts and whatnot laying around. At least yours looks like a woodworkers shop! 🙂

      Thanks for the note and thanks for dropping in.

      • Thanks, Joe. I’m planning to do more on the walking and hiking as it happens. I enjoy it and I like the diversity it adds to my blog.

        Nice job on the gate! Details like this can make a huge difference in a world where so much is mass-produced.

        Oh, I have all of that… They’re hidden in drawers on shelves at the back of the workshop!! 😉

        Don’t worry about replies. We all lead busy lives and even keep our sites updated can become a large commitment. I’m much the same in wishing I could keep up with and comment on so many blogs.

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