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Gaming Resources!

Posted by joeabbott on March 24, 2013

Almost a couple years ago now I blogged a post on some of the Xbox gaming resources I used for gaming. It included everything from to Trueachievements (still my go-to gaming site), Xbox360A (achievement help), Achievement Hunter (more achievement help), GameFAQs (gaming guides), GamePressure (more gaming guides), and GameTrailers (video clips)!

There are certainly other sites out there but these tend to help me through some of the most obtuse achievements, give me an overview of a game, or just collect a lot of video clips on games … just now while testing the links, I enjoyed a few minutes of hearing an old Achievement Hunter clip on a game I’ve started. In the spirit of “there are certainly other sites”, this post is about some of the newer sites out there … or, at least those I’m just finding out about! If you know other sites or want to share some cool places, please drop me a comment!


imageThe title should be fairly descriptive on what is tracked on the site but here’s the blurb direct from the home page:

Why it’s useful?

  • See if your potential game purchase is worth your hard earned money.
  • Find out just how long that backlog will take to complete.
  • Estimate how much longer your current game will last.
  • Compare your game times to other players.

How it works?

Check the column that best matches your play style, this is the median time it will take you to complete the game. You can also click on the games individually to really break down the stats.

  • Main Story (Required)
    Gamer completed the main objectives, just enough to see the credits roll.
  • Main Story and addition quests/medals/unlockables
    This gamer likes to take his time, discover and complete additional tasks not required.
  • Completionist (100%)
    Gamers that get every achivement, every medal and conquer all that the game has to offer.

While I won’t be visiting this site continually, as I do TrueAchievements, I like the novel approach it brings to gaming. One of the comments I’m hearing from friends is how time to beat a Campaign session is continually declining in favor of richer co-op or multiplayer formats; for some a complaint, for others a motivation to buy. But aside from hearing how long it took your 15 year old nephew to beat the game, it was a hard metric to quantify.

In steps HowLongToBeat.

Let’s say you were interested in a game that would give you a lot of gameplay for your $60 but you weren’t exactly looking for a new career: a game worthy of a couple months of play. Well, you could compare, say Halo 4 and Skyrim:

image image

From a quick view of the summary stats, you can see that Halo 4 (on the left) would probably fall short of your “gaming hours per dollar” investment, while Skyrim might just fit the bill. Another stat called “The Completionist” (not shown) gives additional information: Halo 4 Completionist rating is 29h 35m; where Skyrim Completionist rating is a whopping 166h 52m!  So, Skyrim would fit your casual play style pretty well, but if you’re looking for 1000GS, ~167 hours of gaming is a pretty significant investment and you may want to consider Halo 4.

All in all, HowLongToBeat is a great site to add to your Favorites and reference when you’re trying to feel out how well a game suits your style and interest.


imageGamerTags allow gamers to adopt new personas and your GamerCard is your gaming vanity plate.

A long while ago, a chap by the gamertag Morgon setup a site called MyGamerCard. It was the place to get your gamercard and was hugely popular, ultimately serving up over 13 million hits on gamercards daily. However, popularity alone couldn’t sustain the site and it closed some 5 years after it started. Morgon left his final post here for those curious enough to take a peek.

Into that void, several other sites have stepped to serve up one’s gamercard:, GameCard Generator,, GameCards, and Xbox Live Card were just a quick few that popped up in a simple search. I’m sure there are others and all simple require one piece of information: your GamerTag.

While the cards available have the many different looks, the basic information they show is the same: your Tag, your gamer pic (or avatar), reputation (in terms of stars), your gamerscore, and the last five or so games that you’ve played … which, in the case of my card are: Borderlands 2, TapTiles, Gears of War Judgment, Minesweeper, and Brutal Legend.

GamerCards are intended to be fun pictorials of your accomplishments. You include them in your email sigs, post them on your blog, or include them as Facebook pictures. Most sites allow you to paste links from their site to wherever you’re posting so you can get realtime updates: just pick a style and your score and games will update as you progress through your games! They’re fun pastimes but, for me, gaming is just something I do and not who I am … so I’ll leave my GamerCard aside for now and visit occasionally when interest motivates me.

Now let’s look at a few new sites I’ve found.


imageThe tab on my browser tells me what this site thinks of itself: Video Games, Cheats, Guides, Codes, Reviews  GamesRadar. While it has achievement help, game guides, and the usual reviews, it also adds information on gaming gear (e.g., headphones, controllers), covers a broad spectrum of gaming platforms (Xbox, PSN, Wii, PC, and mobile), and has an incredible amount of content. It’s clear there are dozens of writers or contributors to this site working hard on bringing a rich set of content to their followers.

For instance, the new release Gears of War: Judgment has a nice section that includes reviews (it gets 4/5 stars), articles (3 pages of links at current count), walkthrus, cheats, screenshots, videos, and a discussion forum. And for a game that just came out last week, it’s fairly well populated. Some of the content comes from independent businesses and is for sale, like in the “Cheats” section, you can find the Gears of War: Judgment Strategy Guide for sale from BradyGames. The article on the GamesRadar site contains a solid description, maps, and pictures all from their guide. It’s left to the reader to hunt out someplace that will sell the item to you.

So, if you’re looking for a site that has a lot of content and a lively following, GamesRadar may be the site you’re looking for!

What’s Your Tag?

From the big to the less big … What’s Your Tag? appears to be the work of two gaming bloggers who bring an eclectic collection of information to one place; part blog, part comics, all gaming. From the about page we see:

Greetings and Salutations. Thank you for navigating the far reaches of the internet to discover What’s Your Tag? A diamond in the rough. Feel free to browse our selection of outrageous web comics. We put new ones up every Monday. Not into comics you say? Well, why don’t you wander around the site, we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. From Michael Jackson/Pokemon, to diabetes inducing meals cooked entirely with Mountain Dew, we have it all. If you want to play with us (wink, wink), send a message or submit your gamertag or gamercard in the comment section below.

While the site’s collection of materials is smaller than some of the other sites, I believe they’re just getting started and the energy and enthusiasm they have for gaming is clear. In a recent post on GOW: Judgment, they called for other players to join them for some multiplayer; but in the comments, someone said they would be busy playing something else; rather than ignore that comment, the moderator (digitialhumanoid) stepped up the class and showed gamer-love for the poster’s suggestion. It’s fun to find a community that enjoys playing games of all stripes … unlike one of my nieces who said something like, “You like Xbox … bleh … that’s crap; I like PlayStation.” There’s just no telling what’s wrong with some people.

In addition to acting as a collection of other posts (links to the Conan Clueless Gamer and Funny or Die … see What’s your Tag? video selections), they host what appears to be an original comic featuring the two site founders: Mileson and Kafka Luck. Some of it is a bit puerile, but all shows a lot of passion for gaming and a deep love for video games.

If you have a few spare moments, wander by, see what they’re up to, and do like I do: head back for more!


And that’s it for today! Follow the above links for some fun gaming sites or diversions! As always, leave a comment if you have one and thanks for coming by.


One Response to “Gaming Resources!”

  1. Mileson said

    Thanks a bunch for the share! It’s always greatly appreciated. It’s very nice to hear that our passion for gaming shines through in our work.

    Take Care,

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