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Really? Nothing going on but a lousy picture a week?

Posted by joeabbott on February 3, 2013

imageI look back on the blog here and see that it’s been taken over by my “photo challenge” pictures. While it’s a fun diversion and something I find interesting, yes, there is more going on in my life right now than that. Unfortunately, not a tremendous amount.

Last week I worked from home on Friday as I was feeling a spot under the weather. Nothing much came of it but this weekend, it hit hard. Suzy was feeling a bit low on Friday and skipped our “date night” movie. Within a couple hours of her saying something, I found myself with a headache coming on and starting to sniffle. Saturday I was achy and within arm’s reach of a tissue box at all times and today, Super Bowl Sunday, I’m set for just sitting in front of the tube watching some football. And not by choice … although, it wouldn’t be a bad choice if it were.

I did get out on one errand yesterday: picking up a sheet of bamboo plywood. It was mostly because it wasn’t actively raining and I was able to get the 4’’x8’ sheet home without fear of it getting rain-soaked, but ultimately motivated by the fact that I plan on building a hutch with bamboo and I need a practice project to both get back into the woodworking vibe and to learn how to work with bamboo (the material we’ll make the hutch from).

The project I was going to practice on was a box for a BB/pellet gun we picked up (long story). It won’t be a display case, more of a safe box, but I was really planning on building it from 3/4” material. And, unfortunately, they only had 1/2” sheets in stock. So I picked up a sheet of the half inch stuff, hoping to figure out a way to use it in the case. Well, I’m having trouble figuring out how to make the smaller stock work for the box, but I think I can make it work for a cat tree!

A while back Suzy saw something like the item to the right in a magazine and asked if I could make it. It looks straight forward enough so I accepted the challenge. And, like most projects I get, I think about it more than I actually do it.

We bought cushions for the trays but I just never got around to making the tree. Now, however, I have some material I can use and motivation to do it!

The Sketchup project was designed using 3/4” material, but there’s enough interlocking joints that I’m pretty sure I can make 1/2” work just fine. I’ll spend an hour or two going over the details and re-building the model, get my parts list, and then start building. Not sure this is a one-weekend project for me, but it shouldn’t take too long.

And, as I’m starting to blow my nose a bit more than I’d like, I’m going to stop here, lie down somewhere, and wait for the Big Game to start. Thanks for looking in!


One Response to “Really? Nothing going on but a lousy picture a week?”

  1. momma said

    ‘Looks like a nice project,Joe. I had a feelng you and probably Suzy weren’t up to your usual selves and hope you’ll both go uphill this week. Anyhow, it was nice to check your blog and find you’re still among the active. All is well back here on the homefront. Momma

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