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The burden of a busy life

Posted by joeabbott on January 20, 2013

imageI started using Flickr years ago and it seemed like a great tool for retaining all our photographic data: the events and people and places and all those special things we did and happened to capture with our cameras. Well, that was before auto-upload to the “cloud”, phones with cameras, and dozens of pictures taken at any little occasion. And so, some time in late 2011, I just stopped uploading my pictures as a general rule.

I’d previously adjusted the snaps I would upload, would give each a meaningful name, and do the minor editing which was easier on a dozen or two pictures than on many tens of pictures we now took. Also, I’d considered Flickr to be my backup, which it does wonderfully, but in a world in which my upload speed is small and my digital photos are only getting larger, it was becoming burdensome. And so I picked up a Drobo RAID device (which gave me secure in-home backup storage) and never looked back.

Well, that’s a misnomer … I am looking back and I’m getting back on the Flickr bandwagon.

I found that, while I’d stopped uploading pictures to Flickr, I’d continually point folks to my Flickr stream and would act like it was still being used and current. It wasn’t, but something in my head just wanted to have a location that was easily accessible by all and contained my current pictures. I wasn’t sharing my Drobo file store with people and I seemed to be used to using Flickr, so here I am: uploading all of 2012 to Flickr.

I’m not forgetting the problems with that process, however. To make things a bit easier, I’m doing less cleanup and I’m not going to title each and every picture that I upload; to the contrary, I don’t intend on titling very many. I will put the pictures in sets and try to collate the sets into groupings that make it easy, for instance, to see all my mountaineering photos. That much seems reasonable.

But, it’ll take a while to get back into the saddle and ride this one out. Happily, I’m up to March … unhappily, I’m reviewing the last few days we had with Spencer (a cat we lost in early March). It would seem a busy life has burdens on more than one dimension.

Stay tuned and take a stroll through my Flickr pics if you get a chance: I’m not a good photographer but I’ve had my share of fun so far in my life. Thanks for stopping in.


2 Responses to “The burden of a busy life”

  1. momma said

    Oh I just lopve this montage and had to print out a big copy of it and will put it on my frig, as all the photos make me smile. I can’t figure out, however, what’s in the background behind me – I think I see the space needle, but the blackish thing is a mystery…. And you ARE a good photographer, Joe! And I don’t just say that because I’m your Momma….

  2. joeabbott said

    The photo with us and the blackish thing behind us was from the day we went to the Asian Art Museum; they have a sculpture outside called “Black Sun”. Some people call it “Black Hole Sun”, as this was the name of a song by a grunge band (Soundgarden) with Seattle roots. We just happened to sit in front of it and Suzy did the rest!

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