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On inertia and the New Year

Posted by joeabbott on January 12, 2013

Well, the New Year is on us and while I have things brewing and have been busy with my days, I can’t help but feel as if time is moving a bit slower right now or a something is out there waiting. Sorta like walking across a room and noticing someone’s just watching you: not maliciously or in a spooky way, but watching just the same.

imageThis past week was my first full week back to work after the holidays. Christmas week made for a short work-week, same with New Years, so January 7–11 was the first week I had to get up at 5:15AM, wash/dress, get the paper, feed the cats, prepare my lunches, catch the bus, start the work machine and rally my team to action, catch the bus home, get the mail, feed the cats, check on the chickens, address errands, get dinner, spend a bit of time reading or playing around, and then getting to sleep in preparation for another day.

Five days of that.

While some people might utter, “just shoot me” upon reading this, it’s my chosen life and one with which I’m more than content, I’m happy. I like getting into work early and getting a jump on the day (yup … really like it); I like riding the bus and using that time to read, look through email, or even nap; I like my homemade lunches and would challenge (and believe I’d win) anyone to get a cafeteria meal that’s even close to as good as what I eat; I like my job … the company, team, and work I do; I like our cats and chickens; and I really like time at the end of the day.

P1020385imageThe errands are the biggest variable in the week but even they are, for the most part, routine. Suzy and I have “date night Monday” in which we go out to eat (usually Qdoba … I save half my burrito for lunch the next day: my worst meal of the week, and even then it’s pretty good!) and then we do a bit of grocery shopping. Other errands are quick runs for gas or some household need (yesterday I stopped to pick up cat litter). Simple things to keep the house going and fine distractions to insert into an evening of reading, casual games, or chatting.

Last night Suzy asked that we watch a movie … any movie … after dinner. I liked this enough that I would like to make it a normal part of the week: just sitting together, watching a little something on the telly. Last night we watched a Netflix documentary called Empires: The Greeks – Crucible of Civilization. While I’ve heard snippets of Greek history school, this was the first time someone had laid it out in an orderly way for me; lots of puzzle pieces coming together. We have one more show in the three-part series to watch and I’m looking forward to it.

But, what about that pensive, watchfulness, the inertia … what about that?

P9010156Well, yeah, it’s still there. Amid the routine and the ordinary, we have “things” and “doings” that have me waiting for “later” and that’s not always my strong suit. Some people like the waiting; anticipation being a fun, exciting feeling. For me, it’s that watchfulness that is distracting, asking me, “will you remember this or that detail of your obligation?”

We have a dinner party tonight with friends. I look forward to it and have looked forward to it for a while (our “Test Lab Debrief” for a hike I took months ago). But it’s been weighing on me; a light and cheerful weight, but something “later” that’s been out there. I’m very happy it’s tonight; one more thing to cross off the list.

imageThen Suzy and I planned a get-away: I was thinking about something to break up the stretch of no vacation/no holiday in the first three months of the year. Our calendars conspired to make it this weekend, however! A bit sooner than I thought but, again: something to plan for that was waiting: sitting on the calendar until it was full wrought and ready. I’m quite looking forward to it, but it was keeping an eye on me as much as I was on it.

I’m planning another woodworking project: this one is something I wanted to do last year but the vacation time I’d earmarked for it was used for other purposes. Now it’s time to gear up and make it happen. I have confidence in the plan, but will admit it’s been months since I’ve looked at the plan and I should be doing a lot more planning before I jump on this. Again, something watchful in the future waiting on me.

Little things like the Photo Challenge I decided to take part in: I want my second challenge to photograph … where is it?! Don’t they know I want to keep the momentum going on this and if they post the first challenge on 1/1/2013, the next one should be 1/8/2013?!?! Well, they either don’t or have other plans and, in fact, they’ve stated they’ll post the challenge this weekend. Patience. I must learn better patience.

And those are the sorts of thing watching me as I cross the room: just ordinary stuff, events planned for the future and yet I’m waiting on the future to do them. This is the first time I can recall feeling this way and I’m hoping it remains a watchful quiet and doesn’t develop into some looming aggravation, menace, or mania. Perhaps it’s getting the old fly wheel turning on my work life, stepping back into the work-week routine that’s causing me to want to gear up and execute on my personal life. Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll see, but I do know these things will be opportunities for me to spend a few minutes and share them with you when I’m done.

It’s quite now, but won’t always be. Thanks for stopping in and I hope we’ll connect again later.


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