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Let there be light – Inside

Posted by joeabbott on December 31, 2012

I wrote about our indoor non-lighted decorations, our outdoor lighted decorations, and now it’s back inside for a little on our indoor lighted holiday decorations!


The room I refer to as our backroom is the living room: couch, chair, sliding door to outside, fireplace, … the usual for a semi-modern, mid-size home in these parts. We decorate the mantle with lighted (fake) branches … there’s a name for these but it’s escaping me. We string that over the top and it’s a nice bit of light to the far end of the room. We then have a string of lights over the valence.

This year we tried some lighted glass balls and they worked really well. Good light, a nice bit of color, and easy to get into place. In the past years, we’d used a different set of lights, but the cord was so stiff it’d lift the lights or leave a loop of electric cord crawling up the wall. This new set seems to be working much better.

There’s another small, light in the farthest back window: it’s a red, Lucite star. We got it a handful of years back from IKEA, I think … it’s turned out to be a dependable decoration that’s perfect for the narrow window back there.

The final light in the room comes from the lighted tree in the right corner. This tree had been on the plant shelf above the entryway before the holiday decorations pushed it out. As we usually don’t have a good light in that corner of the room, moving it here as been a boon for reading on the far end of the couch!


Dining Nook

We have a small nook between the kitchen and the living/back room which we use as our primary dining area; getting good light here is a must!

Another IKEA buy was a “drape” of lighted stars that we hang in the window. It does a nice job of providing a curtain of soft light while we dine. And, while it’s shown in the picture, we have three candles on the table that we light before each meal to augment the holiday glow. We usually have a dimmable overhead light on as we eat, but we’ll turn that off and just enjoy the candle light from the couch after the meal.

As you can see, an added bonus is the view of the outside lights!






















Dining Room

Ah yes, and what manor wouldn’t be complete without a formal dining room? Here’s is ours and it’s likely clear we’re not doing a tremendous amount back here! Just a few lights. While we’ll use this room when we host gatherings, this year we didn’t and so the room is primarily set aside for doing a holiday jigsaw or other use of the table. As we have a kitten in the house, the jigsaw waited for another year … Trasper seems to like nothing more than chewing cardboard, and a puzzle would surely suffer under the tyranny of his teeth!

The lights here are just a few stars in the window (compliments, you guessed it, IKEA) and some lighted branches that we drop into a tall vase set into the corner.



If I’d brought you through the house as if you were coming over for a visit, this would have been what you’d have seen. Well, if you’d come in, run into the front room, and looked back toward the doorway!

We have more strands of lighted boughs up the stairway railing, and our lighted deer and tree on the plant shelf. It makes for more light and does a lot to let me walk from room to room in the evening without turning on a single light! Had I mentioned how much I like automatic timers? 🙂


Front room

Here it is! The (usual) crown jewel of the holiday season: the Christmas Tree!

For years this has been the usual décor of our tree: simple blue lights and our white angle topper. We also have traditionally had small red heart ornaments and little frames including pictures of our families, but this year we opted not to hang anything; again, we have a kitten in the house. While Trasper hasn’t done a lot of damage to the tree (thankfully he hasn’t tried to climb it), he has pulled the lower lights off the bottom branches. Easily remedied.

In addition to our tree, we have a lighted wreath that we setup as a centerpiece in which we add a candle holder and some candles. A merry display, in my eyes!



P1020132That’s it! Holidays at our home!

Suzy’s done a bit more with her office, including the light shown to the left. If you have to ask why this is a holiday decoration, you clearly haven’t seen A Christmas Story and you should remedy that immediately. A Christmas Story is a holiday classic and one of the movies we watch every year to help us get into the holiday spirit. In addition to the leg lamp, Suzy’s office includes a string of lighted deer in a window … which, from more than a few feet away, appear to be lighted anything that’s small and brown; holiday gerbils, anyone?

And so, in the last day of the year, the last post of the year, a belated Merry Christmas to you all and here’s hoping your New Years’ are all you wish them to be! Thanks for dropping by.


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