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Christmas unplugged

Posted by joeabbott on December 30, 2012

Perhaps a bit late in the season to write a holiday decoration post but it’s one of the main pleasures of the season so I’ll march past decorum with my head high! If you enjoy this a fraction of the amount I do, you’ll be well served in browsing on.

Old Favorites

We have both lighted and non-lighted displays for Christmas and while I like the lighted most, that doesn’t mean we don’t pull out a few charmers in the latter category. Here are a few of my favorite things that do not require electricity.


I like the Santa as it was one of our first decorations and one my wife, Suzy, painted. She did one for each of her siblings and it’s a treat to visit the in-laws and see their Santa still standing.

P1050830The next picture should just capture the simple, bamboo tree shapes; you can see another in the last picture, too. I built these a few years back and they continue to give me a smile.

The Nativity tableau is just a lovely bit of olive wood that Suzy bought online somewhere. Just a gorgeous, simplistic carving.

The last picture should focus on the two wooden deer my friend Tim made for us. I love how the crafty shapes capture a great look.

Best New Indoor Decoration

I can’t say why I like it, but I do: a reindeer head that we stuck on the wall in our living room! Neither of us are hunters and the idea of a stuffed animal head on the wall seems a bit dated and barbarically macho. That’s probably a bit extreme but I certainly wouldn’t want a stuffed head in my home. So, why does the metal deer head tickle me? Not sure, but it does.

Early in the season, while I was testing all our outdoor deer to ensure all the lights lit, Suzy said we should save the “head” of any that didn’t light and she’d be able to make use of it indoors as a decoration. I thought that a bit odd but also managed to get all the deer working; she may have been a bit disappointed.

As we browsed a small shop nearby our favorite dim sum haunt, we spotted the beauty to the right. We both liked it, I was amazed that there actually was something like this out there, and the price was right.

And so it came home and will be one of the first decorations you see (how could you miss it?) when you step out of the hall and into the back room.

An Amazing Rescue

We got a package from my mother last year that didn’t weather the traveling very well: three ceramic trees flocked with sparkle. They’d been packed by the store (for travel) with just a bit of tissue wrapping them. All of the trees suffered damage.

The decoration sat for a bit, all the pieces in a small pile and then one day I returned and, “magically”, they were together! Well, magic comes in the form of a late night, a bottle of super glue, and a lot of Suzy’s patience. She made them whole and this year we found the perfect place for them: a small shelf that sits just in the entryway. We added a bit of color in the form of some red balls, a bit of texture compliments of some pine cones, and we had a snappy display.

Ignore the plastic/fake candles … not sure they “go” with this display but we get great favorites by trying new things.


P1050855Can’t Top That

The angel figure to the right has been our tree topper for years. Another something my mother sent out, I believe, and our tree wouldn’t be complete without it.


We have many other decorations in and around the house: the snow cat painted carving, the jaunty Santa hat we add to the concrete FLW nymph, the plant shelf with deer and tree, our table runners, the photos of cats on Santa’s lap, deer and feather trees and wreaths and … well, the list does go on. We (as in “Suzy”) put a lot of work into decorating the house for the holidays; even if it’s just “for us”.

And it’s worth it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your little tour! See you in the next post when we add electricity to the mix!


One Response to “Christmas unplugged”

  1. I love the shape of those reindeer! It looks as though you had a good Christmas, Joe. 🙂

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