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The best of days

Posted by joeabbott on October 13, 2012

Today was the best of days: a day for the industrious, a day for the indolent. Today the rain returned to Seattle.

I awoke at the late hour of 8AM; not a lay-about hour, but later than usual. I’d taken a short, late afternoon 30-minute nap the day prior and that threw me off. I was up until past midnight, cat in lap, playing a bit of Borderlands 2, and upon retiring found I couldn’t sleep. And so I was reading the paper and doodling about with Windows Phone apps until about 2:30AM. As I lay there this morning, I wondered if I was feeling terrible or not. I wasn’t, so it was time to get out of bed.

Suzanne and I followed through with our plan to start the morning at the Sunbreak Café. It’s a bit tough to buy breakfast when we have six egg-laying machines in the backyard, but it’s nice to have someone prep the food and do your dishes, so we ate out. I’ve written about the Sunbreak four times prior in this blog, so I won’t belabor additional typing on its deliciousness, but it was.

We then toodled on over to Del’s (which I’m also sure I’ve written about), picked up some feed, corn scratch, and a bale of wood chips. Our hens should be happy.

Driving north to home, we were contented in having completed two of our three planned outings, and as we left Carpinito Brothers some 40 minutes later, we’d knocked them all out. For those doing the social media thing, you can follow the Carpinito Brothers Landscaping/Garden Center/Farmers’ Market on Facebook … Suzy and I, we just drive on over and get what we need. And today, our needs were: two large pumpkins, three small pumpkins (tabletop gourds), a pansy for the front planter, a basket of mums for the deck, a few ears of corn, some Bosc pears, a bag of baby red potatoes, and assorted other goodies.

When we got home and were unloading, all six of our chickens were on our side, running down the path to greet us. While I had one more road trip in front of me, Suzy had her hands full tending to the birds, cleaning their coop, and generally ensuring they were as happy as we thought they should be.

Me? I decked out the car for another haul: a load of gravel.

PA130006A few previous times, Suzy and I have gathered all the buckets, bins, and sturdy containers we have laying about so we could haul gravel. This time, Suzanne asked, “Have you thought about just throwing down a tarp in your car and loading the gravel directly into the back?” I hadn’t, then did, and it was a pretty solid idea.

First I laid in a 3/4” piece of particle board that I’d special-cut for hauling heavy loads in the back of my SUV. Then I added a couple of 2×6 “rails” … simple boards that I set on edge, left, right, and along the back. Over that I laid a doubled-over tarp and called it good. And it was!


On the way to and from Marenakos, I finished listening to Brimstone, a book on CD by Robert B. Parker. It’s a western by the author of Appaloosa (and a follow-on to that story), a book that had been made into a movie and starred Viggo Mortensen in a post-Lord of the Rings role.

Anyhow, I wrote about Marenakos in this blog previously when I wrote about finishing up the path for the coop … yes, the job I’d just redone.

PA130018PA130012This time I was visiting Marenakos Rock Center to get some crushed stone to lay into the area/path, we’d just created. I picked up what seemed like a reasonably big load (0.18 tons, as my receipt told me) and it turned out to both be three modest wheel barrow loads full, and just the right amount. And so now we can call the path/retaining wall job done and be happy with it being done well.

All the while it was lightly drizzling a miserly drizzle … nothing that would get you seriously wet, but it kept you cool. I then went about creating some chicken wire “cages” to protect some plants Suzy was putting in (yes, protect them from the chickens) and, when that was done, it was time to relax.

And, in a continuation of the good fortune that had smiled on my so far today, it didn’t start raining very hard until I had cleaned my tools, closed up the garage, and warm inside. Suzy, however, got sprinkled on a bit before making her way indoors for the day.

Now is the “indolent” time in the day and I plan on blasting away comic book-art video game characters and return to the seat I was in late last night.

It was the best of days and good to have a little rain back.


One Response to “The best of days”

  1. Momma said

    These are my favorites — the ones where YOU do all the work, and I just lean back and enjoy getting the garden, etc. up to speed. And I do enjoy your industriousness and how darned NEAT you are, even in hauling gravel!!! And I do love the way the Joe & Suzy team runs about, enjoying good food and is now preparing for Halloween in their usual great style. Bravo!!! (I’ll have to read the guns thing when I have more time… I can’t believe it!) Momma

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