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Lost Archives–David and Dee

Posted by joeabbott on September 29, 2012

I’m going to start by saying that I was perplexed when I went looking for pictures of David and Dee from our 2008 Australia/New Zealand trip that we had so few. While I didn’t snap as many pictures as I might today (I have become accustom to taking A LOT of pictures … most aren’t very good so I’m compensating with numbers!), I thought I should surely have more. Well, it looks like my organization system needs some updating because I found them!

So, without much in the way of preamble, I’d like to introduce David and Dee from our travels some years back.

Milford Sound

Australia Vacation 518In the picture to the left, David was mimicking a statue in the lobby. Suzanne and I gave him a great deal of teasing over his rain garment. I do believe that this is the last picture taken of David with his Australian Tilly hat. As recounted earlier, it took a bit of a swim.

Australia Vacation 538Australia Vacation 537Speaking of taking a swim, here’s a wet David just after the loss of his beloved Tilly. He was putting on a brave face and was giving a silent salute to the lost headwear.

The picture to the right is him breaking character. I believe this is when I became acquainted with the fact that David was involved in the theater; anyone watching the episode would have had to have known he had a passion for acting.

Australia Vacation 561The picture of Dee leaning against a pole with her mirror opposite on the other side tickled us all. Suzanne snapped this picture. We’d never seen the other tourist before, but their similar pose and black coats on either side of the bulkhead was both striking and amusing.

We had a bit more of a blow before David abandoned his ridiculous, and not very utilitarian, plastic bag and accepted that he’d get wet with the rest of us.

Australia Vacation 547Australia Vacation 546

And then, finally, a nice picture of our favorite touring couple:

Australia Vacation 578a

On the Ferry to New Zealand

The Cook Strait is known to the ocean-going as one of the tougher stretches of ocean; notoriously rough waters, high winds, and surges from both northern and southern latitudes churn this strait to a roil. On the day we took the ferry from the south island to the north, it was comparatively calm and mild; and even then, it put us all out of our comfort. I had to put my head down and just ride it out and, from the look on both David’s and Dee’s faces, they were likewise challenged.

Australia Vacation 3 126

Or, perhaps they were just tired of my antics! As I recall, most folks were a bit grumbly and all of us wondered (aloud) why we didn’t fly from the south island to the north island!

Wellington, New Zealand

One of my favorite pictures of David is when he sat astride a stone lion statue. I’m a true believer that public art is interactive and so goofing with statues and public art is a natural extension of having a bit of fun. I don’t damage it and make every effort to be sensitive to cultural issues, but who should care if I sit on a stone statue?

Australia Vacation 3 193Australia Vacation 3 194Australia Vacation 3 195Australia Vacation 3 196

And so, I noticed David intently studying and photographing the noble lion statue and, after the fun of observing him wore off, I tried to convince him to hop on. His initial reaction can be seen in the last picture in the above series … but I think we all know how this one ended!

Australia Vacation 3 214

I’m not sure why I took this snap, but I think I was trying to get a picture of the wooden bug and David wouldn’t clear the frame. When he saw that I was intent on taking the shot, he snapped a picture of me!

The Road from Mount Cook

On the way out of Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, David snared my ball cap popped it onto his head, gave it a jaunty twist, and tried to get all street on me. Let’s just say none of the movie tough guys were in jeopardy of losing their roles to David. But the comedy in it: pitch perfect!

Australia Vacation 784

Our Last Supper Together

Australia Vacation 3 379Australia Vacation 3 378

When I saw these pictures in Suzy’s book, I said, AHA! So I am missing pictures!

During our last night together in New Zealand (our last night together in the entire trip!), the touring company scheduled a large, buffet dinner as a group.

Suzanne and I made a point of visiting each couple, asking them to pose, and then snapping a shot of them. While I like the shots a lot, I might have enjoyed them more if we’d shared the frame with our couples. But, having mementoes of each couple is also very nice.

And here are David and Dee … with David, of course, hamming for the camera!

And now I believe I’ve found all the pictures. Hope you’ve enjoyed …


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