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I got this gaming problem and the doctor prescribed more Gamerscore!

Posted by joeabbott on August 28, 2012

I started this post several days ago … or, I was trying to. Unfortunately, as I went into details on all of the games in my gaming queue, I found that I needed to describe my run for 50k GS; then, I found I wanted to talk about the games I’ve played. And so, those two posts preceded this one, which is to say, this post is the on all the games in my “play these” gaming list!

In the writing the last two posts, however, I’ve come to appreciate my time and how I spend it, so I’ve revisited which of these games I’ll actually play … and a surprising number have been removed. I see two games on the horizon, Borderlands 2 and Lego Lord of the Rings, which will probably pull me in for a little gaming attention; not to mention Dishonored … a recent inductee into my “must play” list. And so, while I figure out how to spend my time and what diversions to attend to, here are the games currently calling for attention from my shelf.

War in the NorthLord of the Rings: War in the North

I picked this game up along with the two Harry Potter games noted below from Frys, $10 each. Hard to pass up a deal like that. I really love Tolkien’s Middle-earth and his many stories from that fictional place, and that translates into liking the movies, games, video games, collectible card games, etc. They’re all great by me.

Now, this game didn’t score well on the reviews: metacritic, a site that collects and summarizes reviews, gave the game a 61/100. A pretty average rating, if not a bit low; the high score was 86 with 10 reviews (out of 48) placing it at a 50/100 or lower. User reviews have been kinder, giving the game a 7.4/10 … and, why they use X out of 100 for critic reviews and Y out of 10 for user reviews is lost on me.

Anyhow, I imagine the game is middling at best and will soon be one of those games that I play a bit, find my attention waning, and I then try to mop up the achievements on. Still, I look forward to seeing this extension of Middle-earth and all the adventures therein.

Harry Potter, Years 1-4Harry Potter, Years 5-7LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 & 5-7

As noted below, I got both for $20 … a good deal considering the same games are currently selling on Amazon for $30 and I didn’t have to pay shipping.

I’ve played a couple of the Lego games: LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventure, LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, and LEGO Batman. I’ve enjoyed them, some more than others. While I completed the Indy Jones game, the Star Wars games had some achievements that required finishing the levels without dying … something I just wasn’t going to achieve. And then the Batman game glitched on me and my only option was the restart. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to more entertainment with the Potter series.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m up for. I played the trial game and, truth be told, I got stumped! Now the Internet and YouTube being what it is, I’m sure I’ll find the solutions to any problems I hit, but I usually like working these things out myself. As I said, I’m not really sure what I’m in for.

Overlord IIOverlord II

I played the original Overlord and thought it was a reasonable game, but I may end up just shelving this one. Fun, but I’m starting to weigh how I spend my time and this could actually be a casualty of my ruthless housecleaning. That, and today I put in my preorder for Borderlands 2. Hey, a guy’s gotta prioritize!

Rise of the ArgonautsRise of the Argonauts

Taking back. This was a game I borrowed from the gaming shelve that looked OK. First, I like mythology and second … well, it seemed like easy Gamerscore. Ultimately, I can’t see spending hours on something I’m not excited about.

Cabela’s North American AdventuresCabela’s North American Adventures

Absolutely taking this back. Not my type of game, unless “easy achievements” is a type of game. Even then … my days of playing games for easy GS are over. Time is more valuable … and more entertaining with 96.5% more wub wub (which translates to 870 gajillion more guns … and if you don’t get the reference, spend a little time on the Internet, why don’tcha?).

Monsters vs. AliensMonsters vs. Aliens

Another “taking it back” game. Another “I picked it up off the loaner shelf because it looked like easy Gamerscore”. I’m starting to feel a bit shallow here …

imageBrutal LegendBrutal Legend

I’ll play this, if only because I actually bought it. But, I got it for something like $5. There was a site that was blowing these out and someone on a forum I attend beseeched people to pick up this game, it was too good to be sold for $5. I bit and bought.

I had a brother-in-law who played it that said it was OK but the cheevos were hard. The achievement distribution (to the right) backs him up, with a majority of folks not only not getting most of the achievements but also not even trying.

So, I’ll approach this game when I’m bored with my other games or just looking for something different.


And speaking of something different.

Nier has a bit of a cult following as a JRPG that has excellent dungeon crafting, a quirky set of characters (bruiser warrior accompanied by lingerie-wearing foul-mouthed girl), and the typical RPG backbone. I picked it up a year ago (someone was moving offices and handed it to me as a “gift”) while I was jonesing for Skyrim to come out. Before I could pop Nier in, Skyrim came out and took away several months of my life.

But, I have Nier in my back pocket for a backup RPG when the gaming pipes run dry of my favorite genre.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the SmithsonianimageNight at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

A loaner game from a buddy who knew I was mining for achievements. Considering he actually mailed it to me, I’ll play it through. Oh, and with a True Achievement value of 1035 (vs Real Achievement value of 1000). Compare the Night at the Museum achievement distribution (to the right) to Brutal Legend’s (above). Yup, that’s correct … virtually everyone who has played the game has completed every single achievement: 6638 people have tracked the achievements for this game on True Achievements, and almost 6000 of them have every one of them.

Fortunately, enough people have said that, while mindless, it’s a reasonably fun diversion, that I plan on playing it through and looking forward to it. Now I just need some time home so I can knock it off!

Godfather 2The Godfather II

This is where I say, “taking it back”. This wasn’t given to me for easy achievements, however, but as a game a coworker liked that he thought I might enjoy. But, mafia gang “whackings” aren’t really my thing.


And that’s it. A bit sobering to look at how easily I was willing to sell my time all in the name of Gamerscore. But, with my War in the North, LEGO games, Brutal Legend, and Night at the Museum, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to boost me over my 50k GS goal while I’m blasting apart robots and monsters in Borderlands 2.

I hope your game shelves have something entertaining to keep you busy and, if you’re playing for Gamerscore, have fun; it was a blast getting to 50k. Thanks for reading.


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