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“… that’s a clown question, bro.”

Posted by joeabbott on June 21, 2012

Neither Suzanne nor I watch television or read gossip column magazines, but I’m able to keep a step ahead of her in terms of popular culture. While that’s not a quality I’d normally boast of, I found the quote starting this post and was amused. My secret weapon for keeping apace the vapid and rapidly changing world of all things celebrity: Bing.

Use whichever search engine suits your need or interest,  but I do have to say that I visit Bing daily for my “picture of the day” and all the little “what’s hot in search”.

imageEach day you’re greeted by an image that has four “hidden” links embedded in it; to the right the link locations are visible as squares. While “hidden”, they will flash and if you hover a cursor over them, and then you get a neat little tidbit of information and a link to more.

For example, the image to the right is immediately identifiable as a walkway in Yellowstone over one of the many thermal pool there. I also knew Yellowstone was the site of a “supervolcano”, but hovering over the rightmost hidden link, I learned something new:

imageYup … that there are only six known supervolcano sites in the world! I did not realize this status was so exclusive.

But, that’s not my link to pop culture. At the bottom of the Bing search page is another section called “Popular Now” and it changes throughout the day as people search on different things.

imageFor instance, right now, people appear to be interested in celebrities. Not my strong suit or even an interest, but I will invariably click the names (they are actually links) and it takes me to the news that’s making people pay attention to these topics … or, in this case, celebrities.

Clicking through the links in the image to the right, I learn that Halle Berry (actress) has to pay some form of child support, John Cena (professional wrestler) granted his 300th Make-a-Wish visit (nice work, John!), Kate Upton (model) is in a bathing suit, Vanessa Minnillo (TV personality … yeah, that’s how she’s described) is pregnant (congrats), Alice Walker (author) is disallowing the release of her novel The Color Purple in Hebrew, Molly Sims (another model) just gave birth to a son (congrats), Matt Groening (cartoonist) is ending one of his comic strips (“Life in Hell”), and LeBron James (basketball player) is overcoming cramps and dedicated to leading his team, the Miami Heat, into the fifth game of the NBA playoffs.


Is it any wonder I don’t care about pop culture? It was tedious just to type all that, and probably a bit mystifying why I actually click through the links. First, while the majority of it is dismayingly inane, sometimes people are interested in more than who wore a bad dress to some award show or which professional athlete is behaving badly, and I learn a bit. Also, clicking through is a lot quicker than writing up what you see!

Second, there is amusing stuff hidden away in all the fluff.

This morning when I logged on to catch up on work mail, I saw a reference to Harry Reid (politician) getting in on “clown question, bro” act. After clicking a few links, I found a tidbit about a baseball player, Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals), who, during an interview uttered the now famous and instantly viral phrase: “That’s a clown question, bro.”

I love it!

For those uninterested in watching the inserted video, here’s a quick rundown on the story:

Nineteen-year-old baseball phenom Bryce Harper isn’t known for drawing attention to his faith – he’s kinda the anti-Tim Tebow in that way – but he didn’t hide his dismay Tuesday when thrown a question that intersected squarely with his Mormonism.

A Toronto reporter asked Harper, a Washington Nationals outfielder, whether he’d have a beer to celebrate a whopper of a home run and the Nationals’ win against the Blue Jays, taking advantage of Ontario’s lower drinking age.

Harper’s response: “That’s a clown question, bro.” The quip quickly blew up on the Internet.

The above is snipped in its entirety and without permission from Bryce Harper’s ‘clown question’ quip speaks to Mormon prohibition on alcohol.

And that’s that. My morning habit of visiting Bing has taught me a bit about supervolcanoes, educated me on Halle Berry’s $20k a month child support payments, and given me a smile and a new quip to toss out during the workday. Now I just have to be asked a clown question so I can use it!


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