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On the go

Posted by joeabbott on June 10, 2012

The last couple of weekends I’ve been out with Peter doing some “training hikes” in an effort to prepare for this year’s outing. I’ve talked about Peter before (here, here and here) when we’ve done a few hikes previously. He’s good company, carries his share of the load, and up for just about anything. Anyhow, I’ve put “training hikes” in quotes intentionally as we’re really not pushing ourselves too hard.

The first hike was up to Rattlesnake Ledge … a short jaunt I’ve noted a couple other times but never really shared pictures from. It’s a nearby hike that’s been described as having the best return on view for the effort. At a one-way jaunt of ~2 miles and 1100’ in gain, it’s modest at best. Our next trainer was Little Si, an outing of ~2.5 miles one way and 1200’ in gain. Clearly we’re easing into things!

WP_000451imageToday’s trek will take us up Rattlesnake Ridge. You see, Rattlesnake Mountain lies to the south of I-90 across from North Bend and has a long, rambling profile. At the east end, there’s the Ledge (Rattlesnake Ledge) and on the west side, Snoqualmie Point, some 11 miles distant. Today we’ll start at Snoqualmie Point and head southeast until we tire or need to turn around to get Pete back home in time for his haircut; at that point we’ll retrace our steps and head home. Simple plan.

The first stop on the trail is a place called Stan’s overlook and is something like 2.5 miles out and 2100’ up; it should give us a bit more of a challenge than previous outings.

And, if we have the time and interest, we could go all the way to the ledges. I’m pretty sure we’ll have neither the time nor interest, but the option is there!

For me the testing point is finding out if my ankle can handle things. So far it’s been sore but not damaged and I don’t hobble … a good thing. Today will be a fine little challenge with everything in our favor: weather, a decent trail, and good company.

Last night I enjoyed dinner out at The Ram. While I haven’t eaten at this sports bar/burger joint before, they did a fine job with their Faburge burger: a cheese burger with egg, ham, bacon, and a dollop of mayo. Eating it all seemed a mammoth undertaking but I finished it off and even had room for the pepperjack mashed potato side and a bit of Suzy’s fish and chips.

The occasion that took us to The Ram, however, was a minor gathering of (some of) the Stapelman clan. Suzy’s uncle (her father’s brother) Bob was in town and made a bit of time to meet up with his nieces and nephews (and the in-laws). And, happily, Richard (Suzy’s father) was able to drive in from Moses Lake to spend a bit of time with everyone.

Accompanying Bob was his wife, Sandra, and Richard brought his new bride, Jettie, too. We were happy to share the table with quite a few of the other Stapelmans: Mike (Richard’s oldest) with his wife Olivia and their daughter, Rebecca; James (Richard’s youngest son) with his daughter Sydney; and Denise (Richard’s oldest daughter) with one of her daughters, Alyssa. And, of course, Suzy and I were there as well.

imageWe spent two hours or so at the table and enjoyed an evening of small talk and idle chatter. The Ram, however, was loud as could be and with hockey play-offs, basketball play-offs, baseball, and a game or two from the Euro Football (soccer) outings … well, it was a loud venue and we all appreciated stepping outside for a small bit of conversation before we headed our respective ways.

P6100004When Suzy and I got home, we settled in to play a bit of Xbox Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper but I have to admit, neither one of us are loving it. We enjoy playing puzzle games together and thought this would be a good little mystery to solve cooperatively. In some ways, it is: an early puzzle that had me stumped (turning dials to line up numbers), was trivially easy for Suzy; and, likewise, a puzzle game that required sliding pieces around on a board was enjoyable for me but had Suz scratchin’ her noggin. Unfortunately, there are a couple puzzles that seem to defy logic as well as an overall story that is rooted in boredom, traveling around a dreary, always-raining-and-nighttime London. Not the makings for a fun game.

Anyhow, we’re putting in a bit of time playing that when we need a break from playing with the new kitten, Trasper.

That’s about a wrap for the week. I put in a bit of time yesterday at work doing my annual review (ugh) and will spend a bit more time later today fixing the chicken coop door (again … double-ugh). As it’s nice out (i.e., not raining), I’ll put in some time mowing the lawn and doing a bit of edging. Oh, and very likely sitting on the deck with my feet up resting them after the hike I’m about to head out to!


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