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Ongoing going-ons

Posted by joeabbott on May 6, 2012

From the activity on this blog, I appear to have dropped off the planet. Few entries and far between, but things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Losing Spencer was a big blow, but time enough has washed away the greater grief and it’s just a funk and other pursuits that have kept me from being active. Time to catch you up on the latest from SeaTac, WA.

Play Time

Damned Yankees imageIn addition to First Date (I’d written about earlier) we recently saw Damned Yankees. Now, I had no idea of what it was about but the image that I had seen in the PlayBill theater guides the previous weeks included an image very similar to the one to the right. When I asked Suzy about the play she said something like, “It’s about temptation” … a fairly succinct description.

imageWithout further information, I settled in to watch a play about the South during the Reconstruction Era. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a play about BASEBALL! A much more entertaining show was in store!

While the sets and show were great fun, some of the singing was a bit flat. The vamp Lola had a couple songs that didn’t have the bounce or life they should have, and she failed to harmonize well with the actor who played the protagonist, Joe Hardy. But, my tastes aren’t that discerning and I enjoyed the affair nonetheless.

For those unfamiliar with the show, an avid baseball fan is given a chance to play ball for his beloved Washington Senators (this was set in the 1930s and the Senators later moved to Minnesota and became the Twins). The rub here is that he’s an older man and the deal is offered by the Devil himself. Our baseball fan is given an out (he can declare the contract void the day before the final game of the season) but can tell no one the truth of the matter. He accepts the deal, is metamorphosed into Joe Hardy, and heads off into a great season of baseball.

Lola appears when the Devil decides he wants to lock Joe into forgetting about the contingency agreement of the contract.

Again, it was a fun play but both Suzanne and I are getting tired of “theater” just now. The shows are losing their sparkle of exception to our daily routines, the trips downtown and back are notable for taking more time than we’d like, and the theater’s constant pressure to buy next year’s tickets are all wearing on us. We’ll certainly consider catching a show here and there in the future, but season tickers are likely not going to happen anytime soon again.


I have a bit less to say about this event but enjoyed it nonetheless: Easter gathering at my brother- and sister-in-law’s home. It was a Stapelman gathering, which means that we show up, we eat a bunch, and then we enjoy chitting and chatting for a couple hours. All very fine.

First comes love, then comes marriage

imageimageWhile the sing-song rhyme would follow with, “then comes baby in the baby carriage”, that likely won’t be happening for Richard and Jettie. Richard is Suzy’s father and he’s 80 years old and just tied the knot with Jettie Weaver of Moses Lake, WA. They’ve been seeing each other for a few months and around Christmas he popped the question. Her assent was followed by a few months of planning that included Suzanne standing up as a matron of honor at the wedding.

Suzanne did her usual exceptional job on a tight little blog entry that has picture highlights from the day.

As Suzy was in the wedding party, we headed over to Moses Lake the day before the event to take part in the rehearsal. I was a sideline character for the day but was pleased to be able to meet and talk with Jettie’s son, Penn, and her daughter, Suzanne over the course of the day.

The wedding followed the next day, Saturday, and afterwards we enjoyed music and dancing in the Moses Lake Senior Center. Several of Richard and Jettie’s friends attended, we all enjoyed a nice buffet, and topped it off with cake. The wedding was a formal affair and Jettie even tossed the bouquet. It was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves so much.

After the formal parts, the happy couple invited us all out to Richard’s home for even more eating, a toast, and socializing into the early evening. At one point my nephew, Barrett let it be known he had become a Cutco knife salesman and took his uncle Jim and me through a sales pitch. It was good to see him taking the sales seriously and then using his proceeds to pay for his college expenses. To further that goal, I picked up a fillet knife and a pair of shears that could cut through a penny. It was for a good cause.

Enter, the band

imageOK, it wasn’t a band but another symphony concert at the Renton IPAC (IKEA Performing Arts Center).

I’ve grown to really enjoy the Rainier Symphony and our nights out at this event. My vote will be to keep this tradition up. As with previous concerts, I have no idea who we were listening to but the handout we received upon entering said Prelude & Fugue: Spitfire in addition to Enigma Variations.

All numbers were directed competently under the baton of David Waltman and the “special guest” this time out was James Patterson, an 18 year old French Horn phenom who has racked up an impressive number of accolades in the five tender years that he’s been playing, including Principal Horn for both Rainier Symphony and the Academy Chamber Orchestra. Way to go, Jimmy!


OK, this “playtime” has nothing to do with the earlier mentioned “play time”: here I’m talking about Xbox.

I came across a trove of old Xbox games at work and have been playing them from time to time, racking up a bunch of gaming achievements. Additionally, I finally was able to sync with a friend on some Rage coop levels … that’s been a lot of fun. And, finally, I decided to play some Mass Effect 3 games and have been spending way too much time going through the final adventures of Commander Shepard as he secures the galaxy for all of humanity. Good fun.



But now it’s time to put aside my playing around and get to doing a little gardening with Suz. Today I’ll plant a tree out front, prepare a few “cages” for sensitive plants to keep the chickens from ripping them apart, and weeding the beds out front. Time to be a little responsible to balance out all the playing around that I’ve been doing these past many weeks.

That’s it from SeaTac. Thanks for reading and I hope you’re enjoying at least as much fun yourselves.


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