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Dear Digital Diary … what have I been doing?

Posted by joeabbott on January 14, 2012

Sometimes I have a point to my entries, usually I’m telling a story, and every now and then I ramble. Best have a pair of comfortable shoes on, it’s time for a mental stroll through what’s been going on around here and my weekend ahead.


While we typically only eat them once a week or so, they’re part of our daily lives with the chickens. With our original three hens we had a weekly high of 19 eggs, I think. It could have been 20 but that may be wishful thinking. We then had a dry spell where we actually had to buy eggs from our local market but that was when we’d lost a few hens and our replacements were all very young.

Now we have a lot of chickens but they’re not all producing. Still, we get about 3 eggs a day on average (although now that number is climbing) … a nice number; enough for both Suzy’s baking and our eating.

Then came the discovery that our tailless red was holding out on us … see this link for that story. We tried “forcing” her to use the nest box by locking her in the coop … it’s got food, water, and running space (for very short runs) so it didn’t seem like deprivation, but chickens are social animals. To avoid too much stress, we locked her in with another hen who was ready to lay. The thinking being she’d learn where to lay. Instead, we ended up with a little red tailless hen who was bleeding. Not sure what happened, but we’ll now collect her eggs from wherever she lays them.

But this brings me to say that with her contributions, our eggs-per-week total is climbing! Days collecting 4 eggs isn’t uncommon and we got 5 eggs earlier this week! We had a day with just two eggs, so we’re not overwhelmed, but, this week we have 19 eggs with one day left in our counting; I believe we’ll have a new high in the eggs-per-week category!

Last year I mapped out our 2010 egg production (see it here) and I’ll get to creating the 2011 chart shortly!

Out and about.

imageChristmas Eve was a blurry hurry as we ran about doing this and that. We hosted the family and that took a lot of effort. Then it was just us for Christmas, us for New Years, and us for the weekends between. The “social silence” felt good but we’re about to break out of that mold today! Suzy spotted a fun tour called the Chocolate Indulgence Tour.

The tour is hosted by Savor Seattle Food Tours who are considered to be “the #1 rated attraction in Seattle”. A bold claim considering I haven’t exactly been living under a rock but have only now heard of them, but I’ll certainly give them a chance!

Suzy heard about them through … you guessed it … Groupon and we grabbed tickets for their 2-hour walking tour of the Seattle Chocolate scene. For those uninterested in clicking the link above, let me bring some of the information on that site to you!

Give in to Seattle’s sweet side!

Chocolate has become so important to Seattle culture that it is rivaling the other famous bean in town. On this tour, experience chocolate in all of its delicious forms – white, milk, dark, and every tasty combination in between! Taste the cookie that Seattle Magazine named one of Seattle’s best desserts. Find out what is served in the Oval Office, and indulge in renowned chef Tom Douglas’s signature desserts. You will be surprised by the chocolaty connection that coconut cream pie, cheesecake, red velvet cupcakes, and gourmet popcorn all have in common. Learn about where chocolate comes from, how it is made, and tips on the best ways to savor them.

While I’m not a chocolate foodie, Suzanne is. I tried to develop a palate for fine dark chocolates but I never got to a point where I truly appreciated it versus the calories I was packing on. Yes, I realize you nibble, but even then … not a great tradeoff. I’m just a salts-fats kinda snacker and chocolate ain’t my thing. But, it’s certainly tasty and I very much look forward to enjoying this tour.

Around the house.

WP_000363[1]I have a couple “to do” chores around the house this weekend: continue to clean out the garage, hang new curtains in front of Suzy’s office, and straighten up my office!

When I built the shelves for the garage loft, we moved our holiday decorations up there. This made space in a nook under the stairwell that I plan on using as a bit of a lumber storage for all my short pieces, cut-offs, and various other woodworking items. I don’t think I’ll be up to building that this weekend, but I will move some of the seldom-used items up to the loft.

As I mentioned here, we have another set of shelves in the garage that we store lots of stuff on/in. Right now it’s a bit of a mess but we’re at a point where we can tidy things up, give our food/kitchen items their own shelves, move the paints/chemicals to a separate spot, and generally arrange things more efficiently. This is on my list for today. It’ll be easy if I don’t “chocolate myself out” with the tour I mentioned above.

As for hanging curtains … we already have some serviceable curtains in front of the new sliding door but I installed those just after we bought the house and they’re not my finest work (the connections are a bit loose). Also, we’re looking for a sliding system that goes better with the sliding door and will block the light without impeding entry or egress. I’ll take pics when I’m done.

And, finally, cleaning up my desk. What a pig pen it’s become. Piles piles piles. Time to clean it out and tackle some of the projects represented in all this stuff.

So that’s it. A rambling stroll through things on my mind before the weekend starts. I need to jump into the shower and prepare for our walking tour … starts in a couple hours and we have a train ride to experience on the way there.

Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping in.


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